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RussiaGate Is a Partisan Freak-Show - Latest Update from Consummate Political Insider, Roger Stone

"The Rosenstein Justice Department is entirely too calculated and manipulative, from all we have now seen, to believe there is not a deep and profound ulterior motive behind its obstinate, even petulant, refusal to produce critical documents at the center of the entire Russian collusion pretextual hoax that, beyond question now, was manufactured."

Well, America’s national freak show hit parade of the sleazy shaved head “Intelligence Community” liars, and Bond-villainous deep state subversives are at it again, busy rolling out the 6th or 7th permutation (who can keep count?) of their ever-evolving (ever-collapsing, really) Russian collusion defamation-distraction hoax.

Even with the fact that bipartisan hitman Robert Mueller has spent $16 Million and two years using bully tactics and continuously threatening lawyers for people who don’t care to testify in this Inquisition still has proof of collusion, conspiracy.

Deep State Democrat frauds are frantic to keep the most cynical, deceitful smear campaign in American history alive and kicking. Time is not on their side. It has brought steady plodding revelation of the facts, inevitably exposing the depths of their deceit and willingness to corrupt public power.

With their bag of manipulative dirty tricks approaching exhaustion these sordid schemers are in panic mode, and their shrill lies and flailing antics are escalating. On July 23, 2018, two of California’s worst political afflictions on America, Nancy Pelosi, and Adam Schiff used the ruse of announcing a toothless, useless House resolution “condemning” the president’s remarks at the Helsinki summit to double down on their latest round of twisted defamations of President Trump.

As the whole world knows, one week ago, President Trump sold out our democracy,” crowed Pelosi, in typically-understated rhetorical style.

Without the slightest irony, the under-medicated then incredibly pronounced,  “The last thing you want in intelligence is partisanship, and we were able to avoid that for so long.”

[Certainly, Nancy, we wouldn’t want that. And rest assured, the self-unmasking of the psychopathic duo of Obama thugs John Brennan and James Clapper has made abundantly obvious which lying partisan lunatics are responsible for ending this mythical streak of non-partisan intelligence.]

If nothing else, Pelosi and Schiff’s grandstand-of-the-day highlighted how practiced and polished the Democrat tribe’s demagogues are at hyperbole, hypocrisy and almost medical-grade ingenuity. Entirely predictable does not make their nauseating faux sanctimony any less appalling to witness, though.

But really who’s to complain when watching one’s opponents make complete asses of themselves huckstering a contrived scandal that is polling around 1% in the list of most important issues to Americans.

Plus, if not for power-lusting Democrat demagogues like Adam and Nancy and their Democrat platoon of expert political bullshit artists, America might be forced to go on without the benefit of having our public life perpetually hijacked by one phony leftist melodrama after another.

With the president’s poll numbers steadily rising, when not holding firm, it is easy to understand why the conniptions underway amongst the unholy alliance between the bellicose Russo-phobic Beltway war party and perpetually-impotent Democrat leftist losers. Both camps were tossed aside….dethroned…in one fell swoop by the ascendancy of a president who promotes the alien idea of having peace around the world. It is no wonder they are so apoplectic.

They are getting an object lesson about how Donald Trump will not be bumrushed and bullied into launching any more messianic military misadventures, squandering American blood and treasure in some hell hole on the other side of the planet. Nor will he be hoaxed into provoking the world’s only other nuclear power even close to the United States in its stockpile.

Their latest descent into It was not enough that the Robert Mueller hit squad, being so high, holy and apolitical as we have all been repeatedly admonished by those whose motives are just as pure, happened to conveniently announce the indictment of 12 Russians within hours of the president’s face-to-face meetings with the Russian president.

Surely this was just a pure coincidence. Who could dare think there was anything suspicious (or malicious) about having an ad hoc legal inquisition headed by Barack Obama’s former FBI chief and loaded with Hillary Clinton supporters (donors, even) spark a partisan media frenzy around astonishingly-specific domestic criminal allegations against purported agents of America’s only matching nuclear-armed rival on the planet, just as the president is on foreign soil daring try to establish a workable relationship with that nation, potentially affecting everything from middle-east conflict reduction to North Korean denuclearization.

Apparently this cute little connivance staged by Trump’s own #2 at the DOJ, the pompous smirking self-righteous foot-dragger and Mueller protégé Rod Rosenstein, was merely a prelude to the truly-grotesque torrent of vicious, seditious slander unleashed on the president by the Clinton-Obama fifth columnists and their  himself was about one step away from facing articles of impeachment for his obstruction of congressional oversight and inquiry into the unprecedented abuse of national security by Obama apparatchiks.

Over at the Comey Noise Network, the hairless, brainless, spineless tub of crap named Brian Stelter (you can also refer to him by his initials: BS) oozed up from his feeding hole to act as a lead parrot for their latest and, so far, thinnest of fabricated defamations.

CNN’s very own BS ominously posed their latest ploy to all six of his viewers and on Twitter in the form of laughably-demented questions:

“What does Putin have on Trump?”

“Has he been compromised?”

When there is a particularly important lie or smear or spin that the Democrat-Media axis of sleaze wants to be injected into the news cycle, the specific talking (lying) points will usually be assigned to multiple prominent Democrat spokesliars to be repeated pretty much verbatim in separate appearances on various high profile news outlets (the Sunday morning network shows are most favored).

Whether their latest consensus lie is meant to breathe new life into their perpetually-collapsing false narrative using a newly cooked-up defamation or false accusation or it is designed to manufacture a timely distraction drawing attention away from some other story they want to be squelched, the imperative of putting it out there can be gauged by how many media stooges are enlisted to parrot it and how precisely the stooges repeat the exact wording of the lie.

This was clearly the case with the latest load of bullschiff initially shoveled by Stelter.  Chief Hoaxliar Adam Schiff (and likely fabricator of most or all of the Trump-Russia lies and manipulations floated over the last two years) added his shiny talking head to Smelter’s stooging, on where else but ABC’s This Week with Clinton deceit fluffer and amenable leftist dwarf, George Stephanopoulos.

Schiff quadrupled down, likely out of smug satisfaction at having concocted this latest twist on his Russia-Trump carousel of lies:

“I think there’s no ignoring the fact that for whatever reason, this president acts like he’s compromised.”

“Well, I certainly think he’s acting like someone who is compromised. And it may very well be that he is compromised or it may very well be that he believes that he’s compromised, that the Russians have information on him.”

“I hope that Bob Mueller’s investigating it, because again, if that’s the leverage the Russians are using, it would not only explain the president’s behavior, but it would help protect the country by knowing that in fact our president was compromised.”

Schiff naturally did not find the 145 million smakers Bill and Hillary took from executives of the Russian State-owned Energy company compromising – just as he sees no problem with his own association with defense contractors connected to Ukrainian Organized crime.

Reinforcing these two spinning BS artists, they brought in a real luminary from the Obama Mafia to drive the smear home. Good old Susan Rice, what with her clean hands.

Like any other professional con artist, they know better than to linger around any particular pack of lies they pounded incessantly for weeks, or even months, extracting every last molecule of ill-gotten benefit they possibly could from it while desperately squirming to salvage anything possible from their messy, slimy trail of serially-debunked lies and disinformation.

The Rosenstein Justice Department is entirely too calculated and manipulative, from all we have now seen, to believe there is not a deep and profound ulterior motive behind its obstinate, even petulant, refusal to produce critical documents at the center of the entire Russian collusion pretextual hoax that, beyond question now, was manufactured.

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