Russia Will Defend Kaliningrad At All Costs

Despite endless speculation and conspiring about the fate of the exclave, there are no signs Russia is prepared to give it up

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The author is a Major (Retired) of the US Air Force and a Human Security advocate

Everybody loves Raymond Kaliningrad including Latvia, Germany, (especially Germany,) the EUeven Prussia, along with Poland, the United States of America, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and also a handful of Billionaires such as Michael Bloomberg and George Sorros.  They and a host of other troublemakers may very well be jockeying for ways to grab Kaliningrad as Russia supposedly collapses.

Despite the infallible Western intelligence communities dire predictions and wishful thinking regarding regime change or imminent collapse due to civil unrest in the United States Russian Federation, it has been made painfully obvious to even the staunchest Neocons that this unique yet integral part of Russia will never be relinquished as long as Russians remain mindful of the core legacies of the Great Patriotic War.

Although there have yet to be claims of “additional substantial combat forces” assigned to Kaliningrad, it is easily understood that Russia is ready, willing and able to fully defend their territory and interests.


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