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Russia and Turkey Could Form a 'Big Eurasia' Axis

An opportunity not to be missed

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is an award winning journalist and presenter at Tsargrad TV cable and online broadcasting channel.

The disruption of the revolt in neighboring Turkey, for which the US was responsible, – is a milestone in the emergence of the new global project “ Big Eurasia”. It’s not just a step toward the convergence of Moscow and Ankara, it’s a new trend that torpedoes Washington's geo-economic ambitions. Many people note that the failure of the coup in Turkey is the failure of the plan to create a ‘cordon sanitaire’ around Russia.

It’s true that the economic aspect is the most powerful part of this story. The project to establish strategic partnerships in Eurasia suggested by President Putin at the St Petersburg Forum added another brick to its foundation.

Why? Because the potential of mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and Turkey focuses not only on tourism or fruits and vegetables, but on the whole series of geo-strategic issues. The first is energy. Turkey can offer a foothold for Russian expansion not only in Europe but also in the Middle East. These are new opportunities, new profits that we cannot lose.

The second item can be a free trade zone where products, services and money will move between countries in real time without boundaries. Russian investments in Turkey, Turkish investments in Russia.

Third, Turkey is a leader of the Turkic world, and this is a new step toward the integration of former Soviet countries, on the new basis. Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Central Asia are the foundation for Putin's project . “Big Eurasia” is not just Moscow’s response to the US and its attempts to create Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific partnerships , it’s a step toward conceptual changes in the existing structure of the global economy, when developing countries become the leaders of world development and prosperity and so called developed countries are left at the curb. And these are not just words – this is history happening before our eyes.

The failure of the coup in Turkey opens new horizons for both economies and signals a new stage in the creation of sustainable global economic development, based on sovereignty and mutual cooperation without  “overseas” partners, beneficial for Russia, Turkey and “Big Eurasia”.

Source: Tsargrad TV
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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