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Russia Ready to Showcase the MiG-35

The MiG-35 will be a star attraction at the MAKS international air show near Moscow in July

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Good afternoon from Moscow. Today is June 26, 2017. And is the news full of heinous acts of Russian Meddling? You know it.

Today's top story: Russia's fourth-generation light fighter, the MiG-35, is expected to be one of the highlights at the MAKS international air show in July. 

<figcaption>The MiG-35</figcaption>
The MiG-35

The details:

The MiG-35, designed to replace MiG-29s rounding out their fourth decade in service, was absent from [the Paris Air Show] but will be featured at the MAKS international air show near Moscow in July as engineers finalize testing on the aircraft, said Anastasia Kravchenko, public relations director for MiG. Still to be determined is whether the fighter will be featured in a static display or aerial demo, she said.

And while it's considered a fourth-generation fighter, the MiG-35 has fifth-generation technologies:

“If we’re talking about fifth-generation technologies, we can safely say that we have some of them integrated and not in tests, but in use by this jet,” said Kravchenko, speaking to through a translator.

Some of those technologies include stealth capabilities, extreme maneuverability, and increased power: 12 percent more than previous models, she said.

The MiG-35 could see service as early as 2019. Get yours while supplies last. 


Other News:

  • "Russian institutions have sold the highest amount of new debt since the country was hit with international sanctions three years ago, as borrowers seek to take advantage of robust investor appetite for emerging markets." What sanctions? [Financial Times]
  • The Guardian is still peddling debunked Russian doping myths: "Given what McLaren unearthed about the behaviour of the Russian government, which has been accused of having cheated, lied and obfuscated when it comes to doping its sports stars from 2011-2015, there is surely enough evidence to take the World Cup away from Russia." [The Guardian]
  • WaPo doing what WaPo does best: "Europe has been working to expose Russian meddling for years" [Washington Post]
  • Russia is suspected culprit in cyber-attack against UK parliament, according to Experts [The Guardian]
  • Mexico eliminates Russia from the Confederation Cup. [NYT]

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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