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Russia Is Preparing for War to Defend Western Culture

Surprise inspections and drills combined with purges of unreliable personnel show Moscow is strengthening the state for the battle to come 

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author – one of the most eminent Russian intellectuals, a scholar and historian, social scientist and publicist – talks with Tsargrad TV's correspondent about the dangers of the current ‘peace-war’, the need for turnover among elites and defense of traditional values

Alexander Tsyganov: Lately, the world appears to be in a pre-war situation. Troops are being inspected and put on red alert, civil organizations are being inspected for war-time operational capacity.  A call-up was actually held, again under the guise of training exercises under war conditions. Are we really in a prewar state? What’s going on?

Andrei Fursov: There are two situations, the world and Russia.

Worldwide, for almost two decades we’ve lived with the line between war and peace practically blurred, starting with NATO’s war against Yugoslavia. Then came Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. The situation we are in today can be called ‘peace-war’ or ‘war-peace’. But even in that context, what has been going on in the world over the last year, has been a huge destabilization. And this destabilization is closely approaching our borders.  

The surprise inspection organized in late August was a readiness test across the entire southern military district and parts of the western, northern, and central districts, the Black Sea and Caspian fleets, air force and airborne troops. Second, a review of civilian bodies involved in coping with special periods, means periods of war. The Ministries of Communication, Industry and Trade, Finance, Federal State Reserve Agency and Bank of Russia were inspected.

These steps show the West what to expect if they test our readiness. It’s clear that much will depend on the results of the American election. If they are conducted fairly, Trump could win. But the Masters of the Universe, otherwise known as banksters, prefer Clinton, who would initiate a major war, if need be. If she becomes president, the situation on our border with Ukraine and in the South Caucasus and Central Asia will deteriorate. And now, due to the death of the Uzbek president, there could be a major fight for power there, favoring Islamists – those ‘watchdogs of American globalization’. And this is our underbelly.

Clinton is not in very good health, and if something were to happen to her, ‘Tim Kaine' – a dark horse who could become a joker – will become president. We need to be ready for this, not only in terms of defense but in relation to ethics and values.

One of the most odious liberal ministers – Minister of Education Livanov was recently replaced by a highly patriotic woman, Olga Vasilyeva who almost at once began purging Livanov supporters. I think this is just the beginning of the process.

We’re also seeing a huge turnover in law-enforcement: Investigations, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Office of the Public Prosecutor, and something is going on in Moscow Criminal Intelligence Office. We’re seeing an attempt to strengthen the state in all areas: defense, education to cope with possible serious challenges, a correction in style that would logically lead to an anti-oligarch dictatorship should the danger increase. Anti-oligarch because first, we’ll need extra funds, and second, Russian history is not the only one that shows that in dire situations oligarchs, as a rule, make deals with the enemy to safeguard their money. We need to prevent this from happening.  

The first chairman of the shadow CIA company,  Stratfor said a few years ago that as soon as Russia stood up, it would face a crisis in Ukraine, and that’s just what happened. It’s absolutely clear that Russia will be challenged from at least three directions. The first, along the western and southern border. And no doubt, the West intends to create problems in several republics and regions. It’s no coincidence that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany is so fond of visiting the Urals, saying in Ekaterinburg that the Urals should become an ‘active part of the international community’. When these people come to Siberia, they say that Siberia should become an international actor. But an international actor is a state. Is this an appeal to separatism? The third threat comes from the pro-Western segment of the elites.

In this situation, cleansing the country of a fifth column is crucial. When I say cleansing I mean keeping it away from finance and information. I’m not calling for a liquidation or sending anyone to prison, but all these people will have to find themselves in vacuum, where they can do no harm.

Alexander Tsyganov:This means that within the framework of preparation for these turbulent changes we need to tighten the ideological screws and for people to become less oriented toward the West and liberal values in general, right?

Andrei Fursov: We don’t need to tighten the screws it wouldn’t be effective in today’s world. We need to explain the danger this orientation poses to the population. We need TV to show more often what today’s West —including Europe — are like – its cities, its ethnic and racial composition, its economic problems (zero growth, unemployment), the lack of religious identity. To those who want the West to love us, I say: Do you want to be loved by gays, lesbians and pedophiles? I don’t need this love, and I’m sure that the majority of our population doesn’t need it either. We have a much healthier society than today’s Europe. The West betrayed European values. It has become post-Christian and post-European, and we need to explain to people that European values remain in Russia.


Source: Tsargrad TV
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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