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Russia Masterfully Trolls Lithuania: You Want to Build a Wall? We'll Pay for It!

Okay, well not exactly pay for it. But he'll provide all the building materials, says one brilliant Russian governor

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Great idea! We'll supply the bricks!
That was the response of the governor of Russia's Kaliningrad region, an exclave sandwiched between Lithuania and Poland, to reports from the obsessively Russophobic government in Vilnius that it was planning to fortify the border to ward off that perennial phantom -- the "Russian aggressor."
Here's more of the story courtesy of RT:

Russia says it’s ready to supply Lithuania with bricks after Vilnius announced the construction of a fence on its Russian border. Lithuanian officials say the barrier will protect the Baltic nation and the EU from the ‘Russian threat’.

News about the proposed fence on the border with Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave located between Poland and Lithuania, emerged in Lithuanian media on Saturday.

<figcaption>Russian border guards patrolling the border with Lithuania in the area of the Curonian Spit</figcaption>
Russian border guards patrolling the border with Lithuania in the area of the Curonian Spit

“The fence is like a sign that [Lithuania] views the neighboring country as a potential aggressor,” Interior Minister Eimutis Misiunas said, as cited by Lietuvos zinios newspaper. 

According to the Lithuanian paper, the fence will cost some €3.6 million.

Another crackpot Lithuanian politician (are they running a competition with Ukraine or something?), Rasa Juknevičienė, said the following about the wall/fence:

“This fence will not stop tanks or other military equipment, but it will show that we are hoping for better relations with Russia, a realistic assessment of the situation. We do our best to reduce a potential threat posed by Russia,” she said.

In other words, this wall will do absolutely nothing at all to deter any potential attack by Russia, or serve any military defense purpose whatsoever, but we're going to flush €3.6 million of Lithiuanian and EU taxpayers' money down the toilet on it anyway, because Putin.

Evidently, Lithuanian politicians are powerless to revamp the country's economy, having severed many trade ties with Russia and surrendered sovereignty to the EU, so no one left to blame at election time but Russian devils. 

The response of Kaliningrad's governor merits him a medal for the ultimate in top level political trolling:

The interim Governor of Kaliningrad Region, Anton Alikhanov, told Rossiya 24 TV channel that Kaliningrad is ready to buy all necessary construction materials for the fence.

He reminded that Russia has a “wonderful plant” for production of bricks on the border with Lithuania.

“If our Lithuanian colleagues want to erect a fence to stop illegal smugglers, then we are ready to provide them with construction material,” he said.

Who knows, maybe Mr. Alikhanov will end up teaching a few tricks to the president of Mexico. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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