Russia on Its Knees After New US Sanctions Target Motorcycle Club

More painful than the Siege of Leningrad

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Good morning from Moscow. Today is June 21, 2017.

Banned from using Bank of America ATMs?
Banned from using Bank of America ATMs?

Pour yourself a caffeinated beverage and let's get this party started.

The morning's top story: Double-secret KGB sleeper cell agent Donald Trump added 38 individuals and companies to the always-growing list of Russia sanctions. At this rate, sanctioning Russia will become a US presidential tradition, like the annual Turkey Pardon or bombing defenseless brown people. 

At any rate, the latest victims of US sanctions include: Bridge builders, tourism initiatives, and a motorcycle club that Putin likes. 

Actually, there does seem to be a common theme to this latest batch of sanctions: Anyone who directly or indirectly supports Crimea's right to self-determination will be punished by the US Treasury Department. 

Or as the New York Times puts it:

The 38 individuals and entities newly designated by the Treasury Department were largely involved in efforts to knit Crimea and the breakaway Donbass region in eastern Ukraine more closely to Russia. A few were cheerleaders for the efforts. 

The new round of sanctions coincided with Poroshenko's visit to the White House. And apparently Petro had a great tme:

Poroshenko called Trump, whose first five months in office have been dogged by a controversy over whether his presidential campaign team last year colluded with Russia, "one of the most reliable supporters" and "strategic partners" for Ukraine.

Pretty cynical, if you ask us. Now Trump is playing grab-ass with Ukraine to make him look more "tough" on Russia? 

Other Stories:

  • Anything remotely supportive of Russia or Putin that you read on Twitter was likely written by a robot, according to Responsible People. [WaPo]
  • Russian state arms export agency Rosoboronexport sold more than $13 billion worth of weapons last year, CEO Alexander Mikheev told reporters at the Paris Air Show on Wednesday. [TASS]
  • "Former DHS chief Jeh Johnson to testify about Putin’s meddling, Obama’s validity in ending it" [Washington Times]
  • Rachel Maddow is still frantically searching for Russians under her bed. [Mediaite]

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