Russia Insider's 'Jew Taboo' Article Translated and Published in Russian

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Click here for the Russian translation.

My article of last Monday, It's Time to Drop the Jew Taboo, caused a firestorm of interest, praise, and criticism.

It now has over 110,000 views on RI, has been republished on several other sites, including the Unz Review, and has generated a handful of articles both praising and damning it. This is precisely what I had hoped for - the whole point of the article was to say that we, America and Europe, need to discuss this openly - and this now appears to be happening.

Without my soliciting it, a Russian reader sent in a truly excellent translation, which very accurately captures not just the sense of the article, but also the style. I deal with translations every day and they usually serve to mortify prose, but this one succeeds in bringing it alive, for which I am truly grateful. 5000 words is a lot to translate, I can assure you, and I think that this happened so quickly and professionally says a lot. Reportedly a Spanish translation is in the works.

I just published it on the Russian version of our site. We do not maintain that page very actively, only occasionally publishing there. I imagine that the topic should be of interest to the Russian public.

Radio Liberty, which is not a radio station, but a Russian language website put out by the US government info services, did a silly and misleading hatchet job in Russian on the article the day after it appeared: Anti-Semites of the World - Unite!, probably not considering that the original would soon appear in Russian. Now the Russian reader can judge for themselves if they made a fair representation.

I would ask readers to please share this excellent translation with their Russian friends and acquaintances.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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