Russia, the Hysterical West, and Some Common Sense

It's the West that is bellicose against Russia and sows chaos and conflict in the world

The Washington Consensus’ reading of Russia has gone way beyond rational analysis and comprehension - now lunatic fringe thinking has replaced simple common sense. Asking the question what motivates or drives Russian President Vladimir Putin is an absurd exercise.

Just read his speeches without the filter of the intentionally biased western media. What Putin wants is very simple, though what the west wants is hardly transparent or obvious (or even properly thought out).

Today’s Russia is not a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Ever since Putin conducted a successful “war” against Russia’s oligarchs in the early 2000s western media and officialdom have had it out for Putin.

He would not allow the country’s strategic energy sector to be bought for a song by foreign capital. To this day Russian public opinion believes the oligarchs should work for the state – not own the state.

In Russia the “Yukos Affair” is still seen as a form of justice for many of the miseries experienced during the dreadful 1990s. This is common sense and should be expected.

Any elected head of state should seriously be concerned with the country’s national security. Putin has proven himself to be a foreign policy master without a peer.

Repeatedly he has demonstrated he can pay a relatively weaker hand vis-à-vis the west and still come out on top – Syria, energy policy with the EU and even Ukraine come to mind.

Putin gets top marks from the people who have elected three times for defending Russia sovereignty and position in the world. This infuriates Washington’s neocons and the mainstream media echo chamber.

The world stage is theirs to play out all their deadly mischief – Putin is one of the only obstacles in their way. The west portrays Russia as aggressive and revisionist. The fact is Russia is the global underdog many in the world are rooting for. This is common sense and should be expected.

After Putin saved U.S. President Barack Obama from igniting another war against an Arab Muslim country in the Middle East last year, the Victoria Nulands of Washington had an epileptic fit. The neocons don’t want anyone’s help – they wanted war on Syria and Putin spoiled their plan.

Their revenge was to destroy Ukraine and blame it on Putin. They have succeeded in toppling a democratically elected government, though in the process started a civil war in the heart of Europe.

In Ukraine it is hard to find any real winners since the western-backed Kiev coup in February, though the scourge of Nazism and racist ideologies have been given oxygen to breathe. (One has to wonder whether Victoria Nuland, Senator John McCain and State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki are proud of themselves).

Western media would never even consider how Russians feel about the Washington-Brussels venture into the quagmire of what is Ukraine today. If they did they would learn of the seething anger against the west for destroying a neighboring country where so many Russians have family. This is common sense and should be expected.

Amateur “Russia watchers” (the majority of journalists fall into this category) and professional neoconservative ideologues constantly repeat Putin and Russia are “out of control” or “out of touch” and other quasi-coherent descriptions.

To be fair one can always be skeptical of any leader’s policy approaches and worldview, but to delve into the realm of pop psychology to explain politics is an insult to this pseudo-science!

The west itself is the problem. Since the end of the Cold War Washington has allowed itself to the see the world through the lens of unchecked megalomania. Russia’s political leadership – Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev, Sergei Lavrov, and Sergei Ivanov – have repeatedly and clearly made Russia’s case to the media and to the corridors of power in the west.

Russia is not starting wars, not forcing any ideology on the world, not manipulating the global economic system to the disadvantage of others, and actually fighting terrorism in Syria while the west indirectly (directly?) was the behind the rise of Islamic State. This is common sense and should be expected.

Needless to say to is open season on Putin and Russia – there is no effective corrective to challenge Washington’s appalling foreign policy behavior (and not only regarding Russia). Few have the courage to speak the obvious: the Obama administration is lost at sea.

It is the U.S. that is hostile and aggressive toward Russia. Its rhetoric is belligerent, but policy muddled. Does the U.S. want to go war with Russia? Really? With all the half-crazed talk in the media and on Capitol Hill one has to truly wonder.

Then there is the issue of America’s vital foreign policy and security interests. Is the fate of Ukraine at the center of American and European security? This is hard to answer in the affirmative. It is actually a ridiculous question to suggest at all.

And what of sanctions? What are sanctions actually intended to achieve? No one in the west really wants to answer such simple questions.

But then again, this is common sense and should be expected.

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