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Is Russia Gearing up for More Trials of War Criminals in Ukraine?

Evidence calls for a new Nurenberg Tribunal

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a prominent political analyst, member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and the author of a recently published book “Common Fascism: Military Crimes of the Ukrainian Security-service agents (2014–2016)”

During World War II, Nazi troops fired on Leningrad not so much for military purposes as to intimidate civilians. They fired on schools, hospitals, child care centers. The same is happening in the Donbas now. We are listing thousands of schools, hospitals and other infrastructure elements that the Ukrainian armed forces destroy deliberately.  

<figcaption>Sooner or later they will be brought to account</figcaption>
Sooner or later they will be brought to account

For example, buildings in the Donbas known to be civilian were marked as military objectives with corresponding ammunition data: sights, calibers, amount of projectiles. They are: grammar school #41 (78 Luzhina Street, Donetsk) defined as ‘target 2801’, a point close to school #74 (34 Bogatyrskaya Street) and kindergarten #191 ‘Dandelion’ (19 Zoologicheskaya Street) is marked as ‘target 2802’; the playground of grammar school #58 (68a Partizansky Prospect, Donetsk) is marked as ‘target 2803’ and school #117 (3 Blagoveshchenskaya Street, Donetsk) is marked as ‘target 2804’ in an encrypted telegram #2/382 dated December 27th 2014.

According to every international rule, these are military crimes. Many atrocious methods used by the current Kiev government coincide with those described in documents from the Nuremberg Trials, down to the minutest details.

I spoke to many prisoners handed over to the Donbas by the Ukrainian government during a prisoner exchange, and they told me how they arrested people just for having the visiting card of a Russian journalist in their pocket. Young people are being detained for their posts on social networks saying they support Russia, or if they have books that are banned in the Ukraine. They arrest people if they don’t support what the Ukrainians did in Odessa (on May 2nd 2014, when oppositionists were burned alive). There is also a direct analogy with Hitler regime in the way Ukraine treats dissidents. 

The fascist ideology that the anti-Hitler coalition fought against is vividly manifest in the Ukraine today. I’m sure the people responsible for this mass violation of human rights will sooner or later be punished, but lots of people disappear in the Ukraine and are found to have been killed. Mass tortures and murders remind one of the times of Pinochet in Chile. Pinochet was a role model for the West, but sooner or later everyone like Pinochet must pay for their crimes.  

I’m sure the leaders of the current Kiev regime will have to do likewise, following trials in the Ukraine, based on recorded evidence of crimes committed by the Ukrainian government and and its security services. 

Source: Izvestia
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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