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Russia Is Fed up With NATO-MSM Complex False Flag Attacks (Video)

The Russian MoD spokesman aptly exposed the total rubbish coming from the US military and western mass media

Just imagine, Russia offers the US and NATO cooperation, even supplying mission details and targeting maps, yet in return have one of their pilots shot out of the sky and US A-10s bombing behind Russia's back only to be blamed for it all after the fact.

RMoD Press Spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov delivered a brilliant run down of their ‘Western partners’ at a press briefing on their actions in Syria held on February 6, 2016. Interestingly, the culprits are starting to be called out by name.

<figcaption>When are you boys gonna' man up?</figcaption>
When are you boys gonna' man up?

A few selected statements:

“It has come to the point that pictures of Aleppo, destroyed long before the start of Russia’s operation in Syria, are presented by leading American and European channels as the results of alleged Russian bombardments.”

 “Rights activists’ nonsense from London is one thing, but if it’s declared by a Pentagon representative posing as a military professional, that’s another (…) First of all, Colonel Warren is likely to be disappointed… Russian aircraft were not operating near Aleppo yesterday…. Only aviation of the anti-ISIS coalition flew over the city yesterday: warplanes and attack UAVs."

“As was previously promised to our American partners, this information will not remain hidden any more. Yesterday at 13:55 (MSK), two U.S. Air Force A-10 attack aircraft entered Syrian air space from Turkey and reaching Aleppo by the shortest path, made strikes against objects in the cityFor some reason, Colonel Warren did not make this mission publicly known in the literal or even figurative sense.”

 “…everybody already knows that detachments of the Syrian opposition are sharing reconnaissance data with us quite effectively. Today, most of them are cooperating with the Syrian government.”

“If it keeps going this way, the Russian MoD will have to hold two briefings each time: One for the Russian side and another for those guys from the coalition who consider themselves professionals.”

Hat’s off to The Saker for pointing out the Major’s frank and informative statements that will have many ‘think tankers’ back at their drawing boards.

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