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Russia Downs Ukrainian Airliner Over Syria - NOT TRUE

NOT YET, ANYWAY. But this could be Clinton's 'October Surprise'

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a licensed clinical psychologist and long-time human rights activist who lives and practices in New York City

A "tragedy" like that could sure clinch the election for her. The American people would say that all those passengers would not have died if that obsequious Obama had only listened to Hard-Fisted Hillary and put that "no-fly zone" in place.

But then, again, all those innocent passengers would not have had to die for Clinton's career if Hill had not stolen the nomination from Bernie Sanders--because he could have beaten Trump in a landslide without having to stage a bloodbath to get voters to vote for him out of fear.

As it is, it may be too late.

Already photographers are filming US fighter jets in Syria being repainted to resemble Russian jets:

And then on October 9, 2016, we had what looks like a dress rehearsal of the "barbaric shootdown" scenario-- or else the real thing somehow went wrong-- when a Ukrainian Mediterranean airliner (UF 781), on a regularly scheduled flight from Kiev Ukraine to Amman Jordan, with an unknown number of passengers aboard, suddenly veered off-course out over a Syrian war zone, instead of pursuing its usual safe route over Israel into Amman. But by luck or the Will of God, all still landed unharmed.

What is even more bizarre-- and revealing at the same time-- is that the airliner followed this exact same suicidal path on its flight back to Kiev.

What's going on here?

Who was the pilot for starters? A Muslim-martyr wannabe, expecting a US fighter-jet, painted to look Russian, to come along and shoot the airliner down? And when God or other variables intervened and the plane landed safely, he tried getting shot down a second time with another group of innocent people as he flew back through the war zone on the flight home.

And who authorized this change in the flight path? Twice, in fact. Once, flying into Amman, And a second time, flying back out. Through an active war zone each time, instead of an approved, safe route over Israel. With a plane full of innocent men, women, and children, mind you-- who knew nothing of the extreme danger their lives were being put in without their knowledge or consent.

Was this the pilot's sole decision? And what did the rest of the crew then do? Did they just go along? Did the Israeli and Jordanian air traffic controllers just go along too? How come? And why was the pilot not detained when the plane touched down in Amman? Why was he allowed to fly another plane full of innocent, trusting civilians back through the same war zone? Did these passengers at least give their consent to flying through a war zone, instead of safely over Israel?

So where does the official investigation stand now? And who is conducting it? Has the pilot been arrested? Have the air traffic controller been placed on administrative leave?

In the case of Malaysian Flight MH-17, similar questions are raised.

There Ukrainian officials claim that it was the crew of the plane who asked to be allowed to fly over an active war zone rather than continue on their normal safe route-- perhaps out of ignorance that hostilities were taking place in that area, though that seems a tad unlikely.

But surely the Ukrainian air traffic controllers were aware of those hostilities. And yet they saw no problem in the plane's pursuing such a suicidal course of action for no good reason?

So what civil or criminal proceedings have been brought against these Ukrainian air traffic controllers who either wittingly or unwittingly helped bring about the death of 298 people?

I doubt any.

Just as I doubt that there will ever be any investigation by either American, Jordanian, Israeli, or Ukrainian officials into the disturbing "case" (or more likely, non-case) of Ukrainian Mediterranean Airline Flight AF-781 on October 9, 2016, in deliberately flying into and back out of Amman Jordon over an active Syrian war zone, rather than pursuing its normal, approved, safe route over Israel-- without the knowledge or consent of its civilian passengers, despite the extreme danger posed to their lives.

We know, though, if planes with the same markings as the Russian Air Force had shot down this Ukrainian airliner over Syria that day, the roar of the Imperial Echo Chamber for the instantaneous institution of a "no-fly zone" would have been deafening.

Never mind that this would entail destroying all Russian and Syrian aircraft, airports, and air defenses in Syria-- along with all Russian missile and surveillance ships supporting Russia's war efforts in Syria-- as far away as the Black Sea.

Hillary is out to prove that she has the cojones for humanity-ending nuclear war if it comes to that. And such a broad-based attack on Russian forces might very well bring that to pass.

And by then, no one will think to ask: Why would a civilian Ukrainian airliner be flying through a Syrian war zone anyway?

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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