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Russia Doubts Syrian Opposition Can Separate From Jihadists

And it's probably right -- unfortunately they're adjoined at the hip

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has refrained from forecasts about the chances of resuming the humanitarian pause in Syria’s Aleppo.

"No, I cannot," he told journalists on Monday when asked to assess the chances for the resumption of the humanitarian pause in Aleppo.

Asked whether the humanitarian pause would not be resumed unless the so-called moderate opposition is separated from terrorist organizations in Syria, he replied: "I did not say that, hence, it would be wrong to interpret it that way."

He said that it would be expedient to ask the Russian military about all the details of a possible resumption of the humanitarian pause.

The spokesman has also called to think over if terrorists and moderate opposition in Syria can be separated.

"All these days the shellings of checkpoints continued. The attacks by terrorist groups on the major routes via which the delivery of humanitarian cargos is possible also continued. All this makes the formation of humanitarian convoys difficult or if not to say impossible," Peskov said.

"So far, the separation of the terrorist groups and the so-called moderate opposition has not taken place, and there is need to think if this is possible at all," he said, adding that no one who undertook these commitments has succeeded in this.

"All this does not contribute to pauses, to the process of providing humanitarian assistance or resolving the conflict," Peskov said, refusing to answer a question on the timeframe for the new stage of Russia’s operation in Syria.

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