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Russia Should Play the Saudis off Against the Americans

Two ‘mortal friends’ at each other’s throat – divide and rule beckons!

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is an arch-conservative ideologue of Eurasianism – the idea that Russia is a special civilization bridging the gap between the West and the East

The US and Saudi Arabia are beginning to quarrel, which is good news.

<figcaption>Frenemies to be?</figcaption>
Frenemies to be?

In the US electoral delirium, under pressure from the Republican front runner, Donald Trump, who has promised to deal with those who actually organized the 9/11 attacks, Washington has brought up the issue of Saudi complicity. In response, Riyadh has threatened to sell off its US assets, worth $750 billion.

Since the very beginning of the Wahhabi State, the Saudis have been the most devoted relays of Anglo-Saxon policy in the region. All they have is radical Salafist Islam, the 18th heretical doctrine of Al-Wahhab, and oil, which they have pumped under the direct control of English and now American oil monopolies. This, plus the fact that they control two principal Islamic holy sites – Mecca and Medina—  make them powerful.

Power in Saudi Arabia is based on three things: the tyranny of the royal family, the extremist sheikhs headed by descendants of Al-Wahhab and the representatives of local Arabian tribes. The royal house consists of pragmatists who care about material things. The Wahhabi Ulamas are maniacs similar to the Protestant leaders  Calvin or Cromwell. The rest are Bedouins and ordinary Arab people - a wonderful nation that the Wahhabis and Saudi elites parasite on. 

Saudi Arabia exports Islamic terrorism to other countries: from Pakistan and Afghanistan to Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Libya.  Salafi missionaries sometimes range as far as Russia, and it is Saudi Arabia that finances and supports the Islamic State. No so-called human rights are guaranteed in Saudi Arabia; the level of democracy is below zero: the so-called elected bodies are appointed from above. There are political murders and religious persecutions.

In short, it’s not country, but a nightmare: a rabble of cynics, tyrants, dictators, perverts and fanatics. What does such a regime have in common with America that boasts about its democracy? Whatever Saudis are up to, they get away with it, including 9/11. It was clear from the very beginning that all the participants were Saudis, but Washington put the blame on the Afghans and the Iraqis, invading both. The US even tried to blame Iran, which is the exact opposite of Saudi Arabia – starting with the religion and ending with the political system. Given that the US stands for democracy, the first targets should have been Riyadh and Jeddah.

The Saudis got away with all this because they control the oil, and used Islamic terrorism to overthrow rulers who did not obey Washington, justifying the American military presence where necessary. The Saudis are like the monsters in Greek mythology who helped the Olympians fight against other monsters – the Titans.  

Suddenly the US woke up and started to pay attention to the monsters they had been taking care of.  In response, the Saudis who have flourished under expensive American protection for years, bared their teeth, warning:  ‘We will sell off all our US assets, especially US Treasury Bonds, and that will be the end of your dollar imperialism!’. There is actually a split within the royal family: some princes (there are hundreds of them from numerous concubines of all races and ethnicities), still support the US, while others are trying to find an alternative, even glancing in our direction. 

All this is extremely entertaining: if the empire splits up, it will break down, which would serve our interests. The Americans and the Saudi are both disgusting. But…the main Satan is the big Satan, i.e. Washington. And if Americans decide to sacrifice their semi-tamed monsters, that will play into our hands. We could support the Saudis against the Americans, who would then attack Riyadh. Not a bad plan.  

Source: Katehon
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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