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Russia Deploys Military Police to Monitor Syrian Cease Fire Zones

Including to the south where Israel wanted US monitors

The Russian Defense Ministry announced today that they have deployed military police to Syria’s two southernmost Syrian safe zones, setting up checkpoints and observation posts around the outskirts of the southwest zone, as well as the one near Eastern Ghouta.

The southwestern safe zone is covered by the ceasefire negotiated between the US and Russia weeks ago,and a deal was reached with US and Jordanian officials earlier this month on the specific boundaries of the zone, and allowing the monitors in.

Eastern Ghouta is just outside of the Syrian capital of Damascus, and is itself subject to a new ceasefire, announced just yesterday. This smaller zone divides Syrian government territory and part of the rebel areas.


Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was upbeat about the deals, saying that the safe zones are getting some of the first real results that’ve been achieved in the entire Syrian conflict.  He said this showed the US and Russia could cooperate within Syria.




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