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Russia to Counter $500 Billion Pentagon With $35 Bn

Military spending of expansionist Russia in 2016 will amount to some $35 billion - just 7% of that of the peace-loving United States

  • Note: due to ruble devaluation Russian military budget expressed in dollars is just half of what it was in recent years

MOSCOW, October 30 (TASS) -  A total of 2.233 trillion rubles ($34.8 billion) is planned to be allocated from the budget for the Russian Armed Forces in 2016, according to a report from the Defense Committee of the State Duma published on Friday.

The announced sum is lower by 176.674 million rubles ($2.8 million) against the one allocated for the same purposes this year.

The report also said that a total of 3.145 trillion rubles ($49 billion) was planned to be allocated on the "national defense" next year.

Russia to spend over $750 mln on nuclear weapons in 2016

The federal budget spending on nuclear weapons will grow by almost 4 billion rubles ($62 million) in 2016 as part of national defense expenditures.

According to the document, the funding set aside in accordance with the budget item is more than 44.5 billion rubles ($693 million) in 2015, while over 48.3 billion rubles ($754 million) has been earmarked for 2016.

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