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Russia Convicts Former Policeman of Spying for CIA

Former Moscow police officer Evgeny Chistov gets 13 years for trading secrets for cash

Originally appeared at The Washington Times

Russia on Thursday convicted a former Moscow policeman of committing high treason by spying for the CIA and sentenced him to 13 years in prison, Russia’s Federal Security Service FSP said in a statement.

Evgeny Chistov was found guilty in Moscow regional court of state treason according to the FSB statement. The agency said he had betrayed his country for cash and had initiated contact with the CIA himself, Reuters reported.

“He was recruited by the CIA and fulfilled its tasks, collecting and handing over information classified as state secrets for three years in exchange for material reward,” the FSB said.

The CIA could not immediately be reached for comment.

The FSB said Mr. Chistov shared secrets with the CIA pertaining toRussia’s interior ministry and that he had fully admitted his guilt during court hearings, Reuters reported.

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