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Ernst & Young: Russia Tied with USA at 31st Place in Corruption, Ukraine in 2nd

According to a recent Ernst & Young study perception of corruption in Russia stands at 34%, in Ukraine the figure stands at 88%

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Ernst & Young have published their annual study on corruption. Russia has improved its figures drastically: to the end of the year the number of respondents seeing bribery to be a common phenomenon in business has sunken for nearly one third. Year prior, 48% considered corruption in the business-sector to be widespread. Nowadays, only 34%, according to the study, thought likewise. This number is with 5% lower than the world-rate and equal to the current level of corruption in the USA and Poland. The average rate is 39% worldwide, 2014 and 2012 it has been 38%.

According to the recent study only eight percent of the enterprises admitted using bribes in their branches in order to close a trade. This number has shrunk up to triple in Russia in comparison with the prior year and is even less than the world-rate (11 %). The problem is especially spread in the Ukraine (36 %), Kenia (32 %) and Columbia (30 %).

Ernst & Young claims anti-corruption activities of local authorities to cause such results. News agency RBK cites Dimitry Zhigulin, partner of Ernst & Young: “Russian authorities are further developing and fulfilling their anticorruption laws, i.a. the list of officials, that should make their incomes public, as well as report potential conflicts of interests, has been expanded”.

Employees of retailers, industrial enterprises, oil companies and electricity companies took part at the poll. The study was carried out in Russia from October 2015 till January 2016. Employees from legal and finance departments of 50 large-scale enterprises with the annual income of about one billion US Dollar have been questioned.

Almost 3000 respondents from 62 countries were interviewed. According to the study, the highest rates of corruption in business are 90% in Brasil, 88% in the Ukraine and 86% in Thailand. Lowest corruption rates are in Finland (0 %) and Sweden (4%).

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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