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Russia and US to Resume Talks on Joint Mission to Venus

Talks stopped last year over US Russia sanctions

MOSCOW, September 28 (TASS) - Russia and the US will resume talks on a joint mission to study Venus — a year after sanctions stopped the talks, head of the Space Research Institute Lev Zeleny said on Monday.

"The negotiations will begin early next week," he told TASS.

Prior to that, during a news conference in Moscow he said talks on a joint mission to study Venus "were due a year ago," but were stopped because of the sanctions against Russia.

He said the mission may take place after 2025.

"The NASA delegation has been discussing the project as a joint one," he said.

The project will use Russia’s Venera-D (Venera is Venus in Russian), where "D" stands for Dolgozhivuschaya (long-lasting) — the first Russian project in the post-Soviet period aimed to explore Venus.

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