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Run, Rabbit Senya, Run – Ukraine’s Maidan Hero Resigns as PM

His future career will have cosmic proportions

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Ever since Arsenyi Yatsenyuk became a public figure (over the last decade he has been his country’s foreign minister, economic minister, parliamentary speaker, National Bank chairman and Presidential candidate) he’s been nicknamed Rabbit Senya  (from his first name, Arsenyi) . Take a look at his picture and you will see why. (His other nickname – Balls Sniffer - is a play on the sounds in his last name.)  

The rodent-like image somehow faded away as he heroically froze at the Maidan, defending his countrymen’s European choice. Later, he became Prime Minister, and the spiteful nickname returned. Now Rabbit Senya has announced his resignation.

<figcaption>Arsenyi "Rabbit Senya" Yatsenyuk</figcaption>
Arsenyi "Rabbit Senya" Yatsenyuk

Below are a selection of some of his most remarkable statements put together by Russia’s most popular newspaper Komsomolskay Pravda:


About fascism and the USSR

 “Russian military aggression against the Ukraine impinges on world order and on European security as well. We remember the Soviet’s invasion of the Ukraine as well as of Germany, and we need to avoid that this time. No one is entitled to rewrite the results of the World War II, as Russia’s President Mr Putin is trying to do. 

Parliament Evaluation

“We don’t need to watch porn, because it’s right here”.


“This how I look – wearing glasses, but I raise 80 kilos on the bench”.

Saying a word for the people

 “I know a little about zoology and sheep don’t jump over a cliff”.

In relation to news

“Yesterday after watching the news, I felt like shooting myself, then hanging myself”.

Freudian slip

“You’ll never hear me complain of being insulted. Politics is not a  game of virgins”.

About competing against Poroshenko 

“When everyone is in deep sh-t, there’s always someone who wants to be clean.”

A few official comments are also worth recalling. The patented Ukrainian politician and comic Mikhail Saakashvili, as was to be expected, immediately let the world know that it was he who ousted the Balls Sniffer:

I was meeting with Ukraine’s President when he received Yatsenyuk’s letter of resignation, thanks to our fight, but honestly, I have more than enough reasons to worry about the latest ‘fixed games’. 

Says Maria Zakharova, Russian MFA spokeswoman:

Announcing his resignation Yatsenyuk said: “From today my job is bigger than that of Prime Minister”. What did he mean? Was the date of his resignation on April 12th (the day of Yuri Gagarin flight into space celebrated in Russia as a Cosmonauts’ day)  chosen for a reason?  Or did the Earth’s boundaries become too narrow for Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s cosmic goals? 

Have a good run, Rabbit! See you soon!

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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