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Rumored Putin Girlfriend Rumored Pregnant, According to Rumors

So many rumors, so little time

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We're glad that the Daily Mail and other bastions of Pulitzer prize-winning journalism have resurrected the 'Putin love child' rumor. Here is the updated rumor, once again, in all its speculative glory

Snapshots of Vladimir Putin's 'lover' looking tired and having gained weight have sparked fresh rumours over his love life.

Former Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva, 32 - who has been romantically linked to the Russian president - appeared in the public for the first time in weeks, fuelling speculation that she has had a baby. 

Russian media reported that Kabaeva was looking slightly 'overweight' and 'older' reignited rumours that she may have been pregnant or had a baby, as was reported in February.

Yes. Russia Insider can confirm that Alina Kabaeva is looking 'slightly older' than she did in February. Spread the rumor!


<figcaption>Даже эту фотографию можно считать слухом</figcaption>
Даже эту фотографию можно считать слухом

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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