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Ron Paul's #2 and Fierce Foreign Policy Critic Dan McAdams Permanently Banned From Twitter Over Nothing at All

Daniel McAdams, the Executive Director for the Ron Paul Institute, was permanently suspended on August 29, 2019.

The reason?

McAdams called conservative commentator Sean Hannity “retarded” in a Twitter comment.

Daniel McAdams does not care about your snowflake feelings, Sean.

McAdams was watching Hannity for the first time in a while and noticed that he spent the hour criticizing the “deep state” while at the same time wearing a CIA pin, so he Tweeted this initially:

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McAdams told LCN that “Someone else tweeted about how stupid Hannity is so I tweeted this in response (and you can see that this is what “triggered” them – but I really think what triggered them was my criticism of CIA).”

This comment prompted Twitter authorities to suspend McAdman’s account for violating the Twitter rules.

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In a message, Twitter cited that McAdams violated their “rules against hateful conduct.”

But the Twitter punishment did not stop there.

McAdams later reported that he received a permanent suspension from Twitter.

Twitter claimed that he violated Twitter’s terms of service.

It specifically said:


Your account has been suspended and will not be restored because it was found to be violating Twitter’s Terms of Service, specifically the Twitter Rules against hateful conduct.

It is against our rules to promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease.

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Additionally, if we determine that the primary purpose of an account is to incite harm towards others on the basis of these categories, that account may be suspended without prior warning.

You can learn more about our policy against hateful conduct here:



The Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute noted that he “searched ‘retarded’ on Twitter and it is used millions of times” and no one gets punished for using it.

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He even admits that “I’ve used the word many times on Twitter” without any punishment.

He demonstrated an example of a “perfectly OK Tweet using the same word” below:

McAdams has been one of the fiercest opponents of foreign policy interventionism in the last decade.

His analysis has generally put him at odds with legacy institutions in DC and Silicon Valley. Twitter, for example, is partners with the Atlantic Council, a NATO-backed think tank that promote has actively promoted the Russia hoax conspiracy of the last few years. For that reason, Twitter is repelled by anyone who goes against its strategic partners’ interests.

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From members of the Dissident Right to those who dare criticize sacred tenets of public policy, social media purges almost seem inevitable these days.

McAdams is just the latest victim of these witch hunts.

No one is safe in today’s climate of social media censorship.

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