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Ron Paul: 'The Neocon Wolf is At the Door'

Ron Paul's call to action at a critical moment when neocons appear to be closer to their goal of war with Russia than ever

Dear Friend of RPI,

The neocons never rest! They are constantly working to start new wars and get our soldiers killed. Hillary Clinton and John McCain called for Russian planes to be shot down in Syria, and today that is just what happened. Do they really want a world war?

The neocon view, as Rahm Emanuel once said, is “never let a serious crisis go to waste.” My Institute for Peace and Prosperity has a different philosophy: don’t let the warmongers get away with it!

The bodies were barely cold in Paris before Bill Kristol began calling for more invasions – Syria, Iraq, wherever! The neocons actually desire events like the tragedy in Paris and the shoot down of a Russian plane because it keeps the war machine going. If the wars stopped, people like Kristol would be out of business.

But while the neocons were babbling away on television, something else was happening: people were flocking to the Ron Paul Institute to read the truth.

Right after the Paris attack, 2.5 million people read what we had to say at the Ron Paul Institute. You would not believe how many people joined in the discussions on our social media. Our website had a huge surge of visitors.

We are fighting back and millions are taking notice.

While the Beltway think tanks use their $100 million budgets to churn out war propaganda 24/7, it is true that my Institute has a small budget. No neocon foundations are crossing our palms with silver. Or even copper.

The truth is the wolf is at the door. Just as we are reaching more and more people at this critical time, the lack of money to keep the doors open threatens the cause of peace. Without your help we are going to go out of business. But your tax-deductible donation to my Institute can do so much good. It will even give Bill Kristol a major case of heartburn!

Advocates of the totalitarian state are demanding more of our civil liberties be scrapped. They are even calling for the hero Ed Snowden to be hanged! Please consider a tax-deductible donation to the Ron Paul Institute and the sooner the better!

Let me end on a personal note: I have been involved in many activities over the years, but this special Institute is dear to my heart. The last thing I would want is for it to close down just when our voice is being heard. Please help us out.

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