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'Russia Hacking' - An Attempt to Distract You From the Content of Those Emails

Much ado about nothing.

For months, you have heard that I colluded with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks to release the DNC emails and the emails of top Clinton aide John Podesta. These claims are of course patently false, as I and Mr. Assange have never met.

Like with most things, the defeated and apoplectic leaders of the Democratic party are trying to blame anyone and anything for Hillary Clinton’s disastrous loss. The emails revealed everything that Democratic operatives (Clinton partisans) did to rig the election against upstart Bernie Sanders, it exposed their “anything goes” mentality when it came to electing Hillary Clinton.

What is lost in this discourse, by design, is the actual content of the emails. The content that revealed cash payments and cozy relationships from Clinton world to a majority of mainstream media anchors, prime-time political reporters, and others who constantly reminded us of their “impartiality.”

After months of coordinated hit pieces and sham reports featured on Fake News outlets like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NYT, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks on numerous occasions had signaled that he had unspecified political dynamite that would shake up the presidential race.

Like many of you, I was anxious to see these leaks, and suspected that people like John Podesta and maybe even Hillary Clinton would have their private communications released. I did not have direct knowledge of the hacks, I did not facilitate the hacks. This narrative is from the same people who were found to have financial and personal allegiances to Hillary Clinton and her globalist puppet masters.

The Democrats played dirty pool against Bernie Sanders and greased the palms of the mainstream media for a relentless and ultimately unsuccessful blitzkrieg on Donald J. Trump. What was released through WikiLeaks simply confirmed suspicions long held by millions of Americans, it confirmed that the Clinton family is so hungry for power and relevance that they will do and say anything to steal the White House.

So, when you read the news reports and clippings of a massive Russian conspiracy, think about the source. These Clinton Cohorts in the media, in Washington D.C. and intelligentsia’s would rather incite a global conflict with Russia than admit their role in stealing the election from Bernie Sanders and under the table payouts from the Clintons.

Donald J. Trump is a direct threat to the endless war and machinations of the political establishment. Because of this, they will seek to distract and deflect on every front, most importantly with WikiLeaks.

The content of the leaked documents was damning enough, but the push-back from Clinton collaborators and their march towards war with Russia is all they can do to undermine his mission… our mission to Make America Great Again.

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