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Another Armed Standoff Confirms the Obvious: Kiev Can't Control Right Sector

Ukraine's favorite freedom fighters are shooting up police cars and killing unidentified men. Glory to Ukraine!

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During Maidan, Right Sector provided much of the "Western values muscle" needed to overthrow the democratically-elected leader of Ukraine. Those who watched Ukraine go up in flames in February, 2014 might remember this:

Most of the weapons in Right Sector’s possession are believed to have been stolen from an Interior Ministry depot in the final, chaotic days of the revolution last month. A government-imposed deadline for the return of those arms passed last Friday, yet there is no way of knowing how many of them remain in private hands. Speaking about his followers last week, Right Sectors leader Dmitry Yarosh slyly told the New York Times that, “in part they handed in these weapons, in part they keep them.” The group’s menacing tone and refusal to respect the new government’s authority posits a worst case scenario that the country’s security could deteriorate along lines seen in other, post-revolutionary situations, when power vacuums let militias wreak havoc.

<figcaption>Goon squad</figcaption>
Goon squad

Phrophetic words, as it turns out. From yesterday's Guardian

Soldiers and police have been locked in a standoff with a nationalist militia in western Ukraine after a gun and grenade battle that left at least two dead.

Tensions have been rising between the government and the Right Sector militia that has helped it fight pro-Russian separatists in the east of the country.

A Right Sector spokesman, Taras Kuzyak, told Ukrainian media on Sunday that seven infantry fighting vehicles had blocked the entrance to Right Sector’s base near the town of Skole in Lviv region, adding that law enforcement was similarly cutting off access to other Right Sector bases in western Ukraine.

Who could have guessed that enabling illegally-armed, right-wing meatheads would backfire? How unexpected!


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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