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Richard Spencer Devotes Full Segment to Russia Insider's 'Jew' Article on Weekly Talk Show (Audio)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

In the last segment, the gang really tucked in to my article: 'It's Time to Drop the Jew Taboo', which has set off a rousing debate.

This is exactly the kind of discussion we need, intelligent, balanced, and well-informed. I just finished listening - here are a few notes.

I highly recommend tuning in. (Starts at 1 hour, 34 minute mark)

Spencer is by far the most visible personality in the Alt-Right

Not surprisingly, the article got glowing reviews from all four participants of the show, which I highly recommend following.

Some bullet points:

  1. Spencer agrees with my premise that you cannot be relevant today without addressing this issue in one way or another.

  2. Even the Jewish left tries to address it, i.e. Max Blumenthal, Mondoweiss, but these attempts are ultimately unsuccessful and somewhat disingenuous.

  3. Short digression on ideological differences between left wing and right wing Jews, in Israel, and internationally.

  4. The 'forbidden fruit' aspect of discussing the Jewish question - it is the cool thing to do among young people.

  5. The group agreed that this article was a 'Major Event', because it is the first time that a larger non-Alt-Right publication has argued that the Alt-Right is making a very valuable contribution to political discussion.

  6. Israel is a haven for Jewish businessmen dodging international prosecution.

Then they dug in to the specifics of the article:

  1. One cannot understand Russian history without addressing the Jewish question.

  2. All agreed that the anti-Russian hysteria is a Jewish phenomenon.

  3. One panelist was very impressed with the artwork shown in the article, and urged listeners to take a closer look because it addresses so well some of the issues addressed in the article.

  4. (This was very gratifying to me because the artist, Ilya Glazunov, who passed away last summer, was a close personal friend, and a remarkable individual whose work I am very familiar with. He has a very good site where one can see his monumental works in high resolution. Here is his bio. His monumental historical paintings which are of interest to this discussion are best found here. He has written extensively about the Jewish question in Russian in his memoirs 'Russia Crucified', sections of which would be hugely fascinating for a Western audience if they were to be translated. If anyone is interested in this, I can easily speak to his family about it. RI published an in-depth profile of Glazunov in 2016. I can be reached at [email protected])

  5. Recommended the article as an excellent one for skeptics of the Alt-Right, for it explains why what they are saying is important, relevant, and reasonable.

  6. They repeated my call for articles on the subject of the Jewish question, and encouraged people to follow us, which they will be doing. (Thanks!).

  7. They ended with an interesting discussion of Solzhenitsyn's 2002 history of Jewish - Russian relations, '200 Years Together'.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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