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REVENGE: Russia Vaporizes 5 Al-Qaeda Commanders Who Attacked Their MPs Last Week

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The Russians always get their man.

This is the epilogue to three articles we ran last week which generated a lot of interest: 

<figcaption>Misery from the air</figcaption>
Misery from the air

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Now the Russians are claiming that they have punished some of the perpetrators of last week's attack, blowing them all to kingdom come with a target missile strike, as explained in this TV news clip below. (transcript at end of this article)

This Russian claim is of course unverifiable, so it might be true, and might not. However the Russians have an established MO in these matters - they try to keep their credibility high so that their words influence events. When they say they'll do something, it usually means there's a very good chance of it happening. What is important for the Russians, if it is true, is that other Al Qaeda get the message that there will be severe consequences for similar attacks.

Below is a 1 minute video of footage from the battle, showing Russian medics tending to wounded Syrian. You can hear and see the serious shelling going on outside, and the Russians are frantically trying to find a Russian medicine, Promedol, which they succeed in injecting into the Syrian, who is in complete shock. It is just a little glimpse into how fierce the fighting is in Syria, and proof that the Russians are in the thick of it.

We don't have the transcript for the 2nd video yet, but full transcript of the news report follows below (best parts bolded)

The Russian Airforce has liquidated 5 terrorist leaders in the Idlib province, Syria. These militants led the assault on our MPs on September 18.

Igor Konashenkov, the official representative of the Russian Defence Ministry reported the strikes. According to him, the terrorist who attacked the MPs were searched for by all the intelligence forces in Syria.

It was discovered where the leaders would hold a meeting, and Russian planes flew to their target. The rocket strike destroyed the leaders, as well as 3 dozen militants, munition stockpiles, and vehicles with large caliber weapons.

After confirming over several channels that the meeting between field commanders would be held at the specified time in a non-residential area building, a precision rocket strike was carried out.

As a result of the strike, 5 field commanders were eliminated, including chief of the southern sector of Idlib, Emir of finance, an adviser to the military minister, an assistant to the spiritual leader Abdullah Al-Mukheisni, and a Shariah judge.

The fact of their death was confirmed by several independent channels.

At present, special measures to search for and destroy all the militants involved in the attack on Russian servicemen in Syria are continuing.

Let's recall that on Sep 18 a large militant detachment together with Al-Nusra front terrorists, who are banned in Russia, attacked a platoon of MP, the radicals had armored vehicles.

Despite this, the Russian servicemen were able to wait until help arrived without losses.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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