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The Results of One Month of Reporting From Donbass

Due the contributions of his supporters, Graham Phillips has been able to continue his journalism providing a window in the real lives of Donbass people

This article originally appeared at The Truth Speaker

In the last month and a bit, I’ve made near 100 videos from here in Donbass. I’ve worked hard to get either English subtitles on the most relevant ones, or record in English, to bring the facts as they are to as many people as possible.

Your support on Patreon has been a part of all of that. And here’s my new video for Patreon, from Lugansk airport –

Everything I do is independent journalism, funded by you. And you’ve all played a part getting the truth out there, penetrating the wall of western propaganda.

The monthly round-ups focus on English-language journalism, as Patreon is orientated towards that. Of course, much of my content is in Russian, but I’m always working – with particular thanks to Anna and Sergey, to add English subtitles on as much as possible, record as much as possible in English.

A huge thanks to those already a part of it, and those thinking of being a part.My Patreon page here.

Special reportage from Lugansk, with unique drone footage, as city residents get ready to see in the new year, and look back on 2015 –

An exclusive, English language documentary report, on the story of Lugansk airport, with the first ever drone footage from there –

Something quite unique – full English subs on head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Alexander Zakarchenko’s press conference, soon after the event, including much vital information –

English subtitles on a revealing interview with Donbass schoolchildren, asking if they wanted to study the Ukrainian language –

Exclusive, unique drone footage over the war-torn town of Pervomaisk

English subs, as Donetsk residents reveal a crumbling ceasefire ‘the shelling is getting closer all the time’ –

Shocking footage from near Lugansk, and a reminder of the atrocities of 2014, as I return to the scene of a terrible tragedy –

English subs on a documentary of the remarkable story of Lilya Nikon, amputee shelling victim, as she walks for the first time again on camera.

English subs on this, a fascinating tour round Lugansk’s Museum of History and Culture –

English subs on a revealing interview with local residents of Gorlovka, as they express their attitudes towards Ukraine and Ukrainians –

This is just a sampling, and thanks to my supporters on Patreon – there’s  more to come, and getting better all the time! Each patron makes a huge difference, we are a team.

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