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Islamists Attack Aleppo. Where the Hell's Russia?

Wasting time at the Geneva Peace Talks, says the sharp-tongued Eduard Limonov.

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Unfortunately, the Syrian war has probably been turned around for the second time, though not in our favor.

Today, media report that the Kurdish militia was forced to leave a residential area in Aleppo. Either Assad’s army or the Kurds have already left more than one residential area, and many positions have been lost.

<figcaption>"What the hell are we doing in Geneva?"</figcaption>
"What the hell are we doing in Geneva?"

A large-scale attack of Aleppo by Al-Nusra and its ISIS allies started almost on the same day the Geneva Peace Talks took place - as a result of the talks!

So where are we?

What is Russia’s Air Force doing? Who are they bombing, if at all? There is either no information, or it’s a mirage.

What the hell are we doing in Geneva?

There are reports that the "Syrian opposition" (the pro-American one…) has marched to Raqqa. And they’re right to crush the Caliphate’s capital.

However, I have a growing suspicion that the Russian leaders agreed with the Americans to leave the way open for them, confining themselves to Lavrov and his tongue: he’s our last fighter, sarcastic and obviously displeased.

The same is true in Donetsk.

Dear leaders, what have you turned the reputation of Russia into?!  Soon we’ll be a laughing stock.

You liberated Palmyra, with its ruins and ghosts, brought Gergiev and Piotrovsky there and threw a party in the amphitheater where jihadists had cut off people’s heads.

Nice... But then you took a wrong turn.

Source: Live Journal
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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