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European Civilization Stands at the Precipice

Flooded by foreigners and having disowned its roots, are we witnessing the end of Europe?

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

This essay by a famous Russian writer originally appeared at Izvestia national daily newspaper. Translated by Svetlana Kyrzhaly and Rhod Mackenzie

Europe is in a panic. Europe is in horror. Europe groans. Victims of war and migrants from North Africa, cross the sea on fragile boats, previously drowning in site of the coast, at best clambering up to beg Europeans for a piece of bread, now storm the borders, tear at the barbed wire, throw flares at police. Over New Years in Germany they hunted down girls and young women to harass, rob, strip and rape.

"What's happening” - Europe’s moralists wonder? - How can these people, to whom we have given so much, dismiss the warmth we have shown them, why do they not appreciate our compassion and tolerance?"

Visionaries and moralists, they don’t understand the psychology of the people coming from North Africa and the Middle East. These people came to escape European bombs, missiles and shells. They fled burning towns, broken relics and rotting corpses. They came to Europe not for a piece of bread and work, but to be saved from death. But also, with a feeling of revenge, seeing

Europeans as enemies, involved in their disaster, destroying their civilization and way of life.

But how do Europeans perceive this? Leftists and liberals, which include Mrs. Merkel, demand greater tolerance, bigger quotas of foreigners to be be taken in, believing that Europe will humanize them, soothe their hearts.

Europe, including Germany has forgotten its past. The countries of Europe have lost the will to exist, to resist, forgetting their great statesmen and culture. Germany has forgotten the Cologne Cathedral, its Gothic spire majestically soaring. It forgot Durer, Bach, Beethoven and Wagner, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche.

An amorphous Europe continues to open its doors to those who hate Europe and Germany. It is a sad fate for a cold clime to be filled by the hot clay of hatred.

Against a backdrop of criminality, the nationalists are surging into the streets, their crowds bigger and more organized than those on the left, the anti-fascists and humanists preaching multicultural tolerance.

These crowds’ speakers will be tomorrow’s political and spiritual leaders, and they will recall Germany’s greatness, cursing Versailles and Nuremberg. At which point, the fascization of Europe will no longer seem far-fetched - much less the demise of the liberal, tolerant European Union.

Is Europe really a helpless maiden tossed upon the back of a fierce, stupid bull, who carries her over the sea to an uncertain future? Is this the end of the old Europe? Or will the maiden wake up, jump off the bull and reappear in a shower of foam, like Aphrodite?

Russia is watching closely.


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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