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State Security Officials: Suicide Bomber From Kyrgyzstan Responsible For St. Petersburg Attack

Russian law enforcement agencies say the terrorist was a native of Central Asia and had connections with Syrian militants

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UPDATE: The BBC reports that the "man suspected of killing 11 people by bombing a St Petersburg train is a native of Kyrgyzstan who obtained Russian citizenship, the Central Asian country's security service says".

However, the report states that the officials would not comment on whether the suspect killed himself in the blast.

<figcaption>11 were killed in the attack</figcaption>
11 were killed in the attack

Russian state media is reporting that yesterday's terrorist attack in St. Petersburg was carried out by a suicide bomber from Central Asia with "ties" to Syrian militants. 

Via TASS (rough translation from Russian):

According to preliminary data, an explosive device in the St. Petersburg metro was launched by a suicide bomber, a source in law enforcement agencies told Tass.
"Judging by the nature of the injuries, the suicide bomber acted: the explosive was attached to his body, or was in a backpack, or he held it even in his hands, but at the abdomen level, as evidenced by the fact that everyone who was Nearby, characteristic lesions in the abdominal region, "the source said.
At the site of the explosion, many fragments of the remains of the dead, not only the alleged terrorist, were found. "His identity is pre-established, he is really a native of Central Asia and had connections with Syrian militants," the law enforcement agencies reported.
According to the first conclusions, the suicide bomber stood near the doors, closer to the middle of the car. "In the center of the car found his hand with wires that are sent for examination," the source said.
At the same time, the source added that the explosive device put into operation in the metro in St. Petersburg was similar to that which was rendered harmless at the station "Ploshchad Vosstaniya". According to him, the capacity of the improvised explosive device was 200-300 grams in TNT equivalent. "It looks like a device for what was neutralized on the" Square of the Rebellion, "the source said.The bomb was stuffed with striking elements - metal balls and bolts. 

The original suspect has turned himself in to police, according to reports.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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