Report: Random Russian Guy Removed From US Flight After Being Accused of "Invading Crimea"

Because nothing says freedom like "being removed from an airplane because the Neanderthal sitting next to you is a xenophobic knuckle-dragger"

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We hope this isn't true, for the sake of humanity, but unfortunately it's par for the course: A Russian citizen, who apparently has lived in the United States for the last 22 years, was kicked off a domestic US flight because a fellow passenger accused him of invading Crimea (at least according to the Russian gentleman in question).

First, the details via TASS:

Russian embassy in Washington is probing into the circumstances of an incident involving Delta Air Lines, which removed a Russian citizen from a domestic American flight following a complaint from an American passenger that the Russian man was an invader into Crimea.

The embassy reported the incident in Facebook, quoting Delta’s customer, Andrei Yeryomin.

"Got kicked out from the plane Delta airlines!!!! Seattle Atlanta. Despite the fact of having platinum membership with the sky team alliance," Yeryomin wrote in his message quoted by the embassy. "Flight 1588. For being Russian citizen. Not kidding."

"Passenger next to me refused to fly with me because according to him I was an occupant of Crimea as well as other Russian citizens. WTF."

According to Yeryomin, Delta Air Lines "supported his (the complainer’s) case. "As a result (I) had to take another flight much later. Funtime idiots."

"God bless America," he wrote in conclusion. "Time to go home after 22 years of living here lol."

Again, we sincerely hope this is an elaborate hoax. Unfortunately, it probably isn't. 

The whole "invading Crimea" meme aside, how on God's green earth could Delta justify booting someone from a flight simply based on their nationality? Isn't there a word for that? And if this alleged American passenger was so distraught about sitting next to a Russian, wouldn't it be wise to invite the triggered American to exit the aircraft—instead of expelling a random person whose only crime is having a Russian passport?

Anyway: We hope that Delta will be consistent with this new policy. Just imagine the next time an Iraqi/Afghan/Libyan/Syrian/Somali/Yemeni citizen flies Delta. After filing a complaint against every single American onboard for destroying his/her country, the airplane will be empty. Flying in style. 

UPDATE: We fully acknowledge this Andrei fellow could be full of baloney. We are keeping an eye on this story. 

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