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Repeat After Us: 'There Is No Free Speech in Russia'

Not on the internet. Not in the schools. Not in the streets. It's a giant country full of silenced sad people.

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We already know that Russians aren't humans.

But are they allowed to march around and shout slogans?

<figcaption>Moments later they were all sent to gulags...</figcaption>
Moments later they were all sent to gulags...

Of course not. Didn't we just write that Russians aren't humans?

Anyway, here is a Guardian reporter exposing the latest crime against European values, on Twitter:

And a more in-depth report on this Moscow human rights massacre, from the always-dependable Independent:

Participants carried Russian flags, banners of opposition political parties and placards with quotes from Mr Nemtsov including “If there’s Putin, there’s no Russia,” and “Our only chance left is the street”.

Many carried cardboard Russian flags with bullet holes in them.

Yes, nothing particularly eventful happened during the demonstration. But afterwards all the protestors were herded into cattle cars and sent to work in Siberian gold mines.

We know this because there is no free speech in Russia. Vocal Putin critic Vladimir Pozner does not have his own television show on Rossiya 1. And "Russian Facebook" Vkontakte is not an emporium of pirated films, memes and crazy political diatribes. There is actually an army of Vkontakte speech police who remove images that they find insensitive.

Also, there is a KGB informant on every Moscow street corner, just waiting for someone to slip up and say that they don't like borscht.

It's true. All of it.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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