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Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Smokes CNN Shill: 'US Is Funding Terrorists' in Syria (Video)

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) may have more sense than all the other democrats (and most republicans) in congress put together.

Ms. Gabbard appeared on the Chutzpah News Network (CNN) and answered questions about her alignment with President-elect Donald Trump on foreign policy. Gabbard denounced the US policy of regime change and support for radical Islamic terror in Syria, accusing Washington of direct material support to the terrorists.

Here's the most explosive part of the interview:

Jake Tapper: "Are you really suggesting that US govt is funding these terrorist groups?"

Tulsi Gabbard: "Ah, I'm not only 'suggesting' it. This is... this IS the reality that we're living in."

Tapper: "Not directly though??"

Gabbard: "Most Americans... if... if you or I were to provide money, uh weapons, or support or whatever, to a group like Alqaeda or IsIs, we would IMMEDIATELY be thrown in jail! Ah. However, the US government has been providing money, weapons, intel assistance and other types of support, THROUGH the CIA, DIRECTLY to these groups that are WORKING WITH, and are AFFILIATED WITH Al-Qaeda and ISIS!"

Tapper: "So, you're saying that the CIA is giving monies to groups in Syria, and those groups are 'working WITH' Al Nusra and ISIS?"

Gabbard: "There are/there've been numerous reports, from the NYT to the WSJ and other news outlets, who have declared that these 'rebel groups' have formed these battlefield alliances with Al-Qaeda... that essentially IS Al-Qaeda; groups in charge of EVERY SINGLE 'rebel group' on the ground, fighting to overthrow the Syrian Govt."

Tapper: "The US Govt says that they vet the group that they give money to, very closely. And, that you're wrong... and that, there are no alliances between groups that the American taxpayers fund, and these other groups; obviously, they ALL are fighting Assad."

Gabbard: "Uh, I beg to differ; evidence has shown, time and time again, that, that is NOT the case. WE are DIRECTLY and INDIRECTLY supporting these groups who are ALLIED WITH or partnered with alCIAda and ISIS, and working TO overthrow the Syrian government of Assad. And, we've also been providing that support THROUGH countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar, to do that!"

Gabbard has been floated as a possible Secretary of State in Trump's administration. She'd sure beat the hell out of blood-soaked brigand John Bolton. And unlike him, she regularly visits a hairdresser - a nice plus for a diplomat. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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