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Call for Action: We Must Avert Catastrophe Between the Two Nuclear Superpowers

American cititzens should be calling and writing their representatives demanding the US abandon the policy of escalation

The author is President of the Center for Citizen Initiatives (CCI) and a prominent US citizen diplomat

Friends, the situation between Washington/NATO and Russia is extremely tense; still they are not yet firing on each other in Syria. At this writing, across Russia a huge country-wide Civil Defense Drill impacting 40,000,000 Russians is underway to prepare their citizens and military in the event of an all out “major catastrophe.”  Ordinary Russians have become increasingly concerned since June when U.S./NATO put 35,000 uniformed troops with weapons, war ships and war planes near Russia’s borders for a month. This military conglomeration was entitled, “Anaconda,” the largest and one of the most fierce carnivorous snakes in the world. The symbology wasn’t missed on the Russian people.

This huge Civil Defense effort happening today (and for the coming few days) across Russia is not mentioned in the New York Times or other U.S. mainstream media that I can find. Like so many topics, coverage must be managed to keep the American public uninformed and unworried. After all, they might start asking questions about the depth of danger in which we find ourselves. Fortunately, the unofficial Internet media services now pick up these major happenings fairly quickly––but they never get wide distribution.

We need to flood our Congressional representatives, President Obama and any authority to whom we have access with demands to back off of this insane policy to pursue a war with Russia. Call and email daily!

Call the White House: 202-456-1111 (9 thru 5 EST

Email the President:


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