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Can Russia Halt America's Reign of Terror?

Is the West's real problem with Russia that it poses a threat to the established world order?

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The Eastern front ist being reinforced. Military replenishment delivery is carried out in the directions of Ukraine and the Baltic states for months. Like so many times before in their history, the USA is prepairing for war once again with its loyal lieges, the foolish and corrupt Europeans, playing the role of support.

The deployment of troops in the name of peace and democracy is accompanied by an unprecedented lying and bashing campaign against Russia, its people and government. Western media, completely in the possession of US-loyal oligarchs, is being an utmost compliant helper to the agendas of the faschistic US-regime, day by day obediently spreading the crudest propaganda in the world.

Russia has not only managed to rise from rubble of the Soviet-era within a short time, but even developed with all its ambitions into a global power, albeit not enough, since behind the curtain there's a lot of other things going on. It's difficult to find trustworthy sources to cover the subject, however the alleged contract, signed between the Rothschilds and the Bolschewiks, when the latter took over in 1917, is claimed to run out either this, or next year.

Putin has no wish to prolong this contract, as it seems – even more, he wants to put cash generation back under state control. This adds up to circling messages of Russia wanting further to trade raw material exports in Rouble. Even the solution of founding an own central bank for the BRICS-states indicates these rumours being close to the truth.

But the raising of other powers is something the US-junta cannot tolerate at any cost. Especially when this very power becomes bold enough to get off the monetary and debt system, that has kept the entire world more or less under the heels of USA in order to enslave and plunder. Free competition of currencies? No way!

If Russia was really to establish an alternative currency system, then states and private persons could choose what system they trust more. There's really only one option, when deciding between western debt-money, created out of thin air, and a monetative system, covered by an economic performance of such a huge country, like Russia.

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We remember Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi; these two state leaders have planned to let pay the treasures of their country with gold, Gaddafi was even quite advanced with his idea of an African Gold Dinar. We know, how they've ended; even today the people of their countries are obliged to pay a high price for that they wanted to break out of the global system of enslavement of the Feds.

This happens to everyone, who refuses to dance to the tune of the puppeteer in the background: first, propaganda creates the appropriate mood, then the glorious coalition of compliants invades, bombs everything into pieces and restores then by means of torture and mass-murder the desired ideal state of „freedom and democracy“.

For this, one must understand, that the United States were hijacked long ago. President Wilson even left behind a corresponding statement after he signed the „Federal Reserve Act“: „I am a deeply unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is now controlled by a credit system, that is less concentrated in our hands. The growth of our nation and all our activities are controlled by them. We degenerate into one of the worst governments in the civilized world. We are not a government of free opinion or electoral majorities, but one, that is controlled by a small group of powerful men“.

The fact of this statement being controversial only shows, that it – true or not – inserts the finger into the wound. The US is not a sovereign state, but „belongs“ to the Feds and people, who are pulling the strings behind it. People and country are completely irrelevant to them, alone the state of American society shows it – for many Americans the GDR-standarts of the '80s would be an absolute improvement to their lives.

It's all about the mighty machinery of the military and intelligence services of the United States, that allows the powerful men, mentioned by Wilson, to gradually force the whole world under their system. Resource-rich countries, which cannot be easily enslaved because of their natural wealth, are simply devastated by war and then plundered. Those, who wish to get off from the debt money system, are being demolished dramatically in order to set an example for the consequences of not following the rules.

It is a reign of terror, that dominates the USA and (almost) the entire world. It is a system based on plunder and oppression instead of cooperation and sustainability. The military-industrial complex of the United States is an armed arm and NATO only an extended arm of this regime with the US and EU-governments being only a troop of well-paid amateur actors, who put on a show for the public.

Can Russia halt this reign of terror? Almost every day you have to worry, that we soon may be coming decisively closer to the anwer. However, the price for this answer is certainly going to be Europe, lying in ruins.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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