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Kiev Rebuffs Rebel Offer to Keep Donbass a Part of Ukraine

Leaders of the self-proclaimed republics have submitted proposed changes to the Ukrainian constitution granting Donbass autonomy, but not separation, from Ukraine. But Kiev won't even sit down at the negotiation table. 

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The leadership of the LNR and DNR have put their willingness to remain a part of Ukraine — albeit with greater autonomy — in writing. Korrespondent reports that representatives from the two republics, Vladislav Deynego and Denis Pushilin, have submitted proposed changes to the Ukrainian constitution which recognize Donbass as an autonomous region of Ukraine. The document states:

The certain areas with special status or their associations are an integral part of Ukraine, and within the powers defined by the Constitution, special laws of Ukraine, as well as agreements on the delimitation of powers between these areas, their associations and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the ministry, other central bodies of executive power settle the issues, carried to their authority, by themselves.

<figcaption>No longer talking about Novorossiya</figcaption>
No longer talking about Novorossiya

But Kiev won't even consider the proposed changes. The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Vladimir Groysman, declared that they would discuss constitutional changes only with "legally elected" representatives of Donbass.

There seems to be plenty of accusations coming from the US and Europe about how Russia is not "abiding" by the Minsk agreements. If the western-controlled government in Kiev refuses to even speak with the self-proclaimed republics — which are now open to compromise and reconciliation — then how will a real peace ever be achieved? 

It's clear what Kiev wants: Total submission from the rebel republics.

In other words: It looks like more war. 

Excerpts translated by Diana Murtazina

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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