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The Really Bad News: ISIS May Not Be Responsible for Nice Attack

Maybe jihad has gone viral and doesn’t need a Caliphate?

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

At the time of this writing, ISIS hasn’t taken responsibility for the attack in Nice. But even if they do, it won’t mean they did it, although they will certainly express solidarity with the terrorists if they claimed allegiance to the Islamic State.

This would be terrible news, because it would mean that relatively organized terrorism is entering a new stage. Any enthusiast inspired by the idea of jihad is able to improvise a powerful blow that organized terrorists would plan for weeks. The goal of  ‘organized’ terrorism in this case is to provide the adept with ideas and fuel his determination without directly guiding his actions.

The key feature of terrorist war today is that it is aimed not against states, but at the population. There is no antidote to this type of war, since no one can cope with the mass use of suicide bombers. Today’s terrorist war presents sophisticated problems that transform the definition of danger.

Now even this complex form of terrorist war threatens to become much more complicated: – amateur terrorists are not detected by special services; they are not organized, which means that there is little space for intelligence. Besides, it’s difficult to trace their activity using technology. This explains the Boston Marathon bombing: although afterwards some signs emerged, the powerful technical apparatus of the US special services and its agents failed to prevent an amateur attack because they could not distinguish them against the background of "white noise".

If ISIS (or another terrorist organization) is not related to the attack in Nice, then the above looks quite plausible, and this is what is most distressing

Source: Live Journal
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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