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Is This Real Life? Saudi Arabia Executes 'Wizards', But Condemns 'Syrian Human Rights Violations'

A Saudi-proposed UN resolution expresses "outrage" at the worsening violence in Syria (fuelled by Saudi-backed extremists) that has left at least 250,000 dead

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Close your eyes and think about "defenders of human rights". What image bubbles up from your subconscious? If you answered "Saudi Arabia", you probably represent one of the 115 countries that just passed a Saudi-proposed UN resolution condemning "Syrian human rights violations."

Yes, Saudi Arabia —the oasis of human dignity where Harry Potter fans (widely considered the greatest dangers to world peace) are dealt with accordingly — is leading the fight against Syrian violence caused by Saudi-funded terrorists. Here are the terrible details: 

<figcaption>Obama greets a brave anti-wizard crusader</figcaption>
Obama greets a brave anti-wizard crusader

A resolution presented by Saudi Arabia was adopted by a vote of 115 to 15, with 51 abstentions.

China, Iran and Russia were among the countries that voted against the measure that now goes to the full General Assembly.

The resolution expresses "outrage" at the worsening violence that has left at least 250,000 dead and displaced more than 12 million people. It stressed the need for accountability and encouraged the UN Security Council to take action, noting that the International Criminal Court (ICC) could play a role. An attempt last year to refer Syria to the ICC for war crimes was blocked by Russia, Syria's ally, and China at the Security Council.

Presenting the resolution, Saudi Ambassador Abdallah al-Mouallimi recalled images of three-year-old Alan Kurdi, a Syrian boy who drowned during his family's flight from the war. "I appeal to you not to let Alan down. Do not kill him twice," said the Saudi ambassador to the assembly.

But what if little Alan was....a wizard? Saudi Arabia would have been forced to execute him, for humanity, right? Luckily the Syrian Ambassador to the UN was aware of the diplomatic farce taking place: 

Syria's UN envoy responded by attacking Saudi Arabia, accusing Riyadh of financing Wahhabi extremists and failing to uphold human rights on its own territory. "Can anyone consider the Saudi regime as a pluralistic, democratic system where women participate fully and effectively?" asked Bashar Jaafari. He accused the Saudi regime of "decapitation and flogging in public squares, (and of) religious persecution similar to what the terrorists of Daesh are doing in my country and Iraq."

What, now Syria supports wizardry?? Assad must go! 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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