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Real Douma: Alawite and Christian Hostages Humiliated by Rebels for Years Reunite With Families (VIDEO)

The victory of the Syrian army has set them free -- a side of Douma you weren't show by the western pro-government media

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Rounded up simply for being non-Sunnis

Did the Syria army carry out a chemical attack on Douma civilians just as the last remaining group of rebels which held it was about to surrender? No, of course not.

But here is one thing that did happen in Douma: the Syrian army liberated 200 Alawite and Christian civilians who had been held by the uber-sectarian Salafist rebels for over five years as prisoners, used as human shields and paraded around in cages.

As per the agreement the government offered the rebels they could join the government army and militias, disarm and return to civilian life, or be bused to rebel-held Idlib but they would have to leave their heavy weapons and their hostages behind.

As the result of the Syrian government victory hundreds of people held by Jaish al-Islam (Saudi-sponosored) and Faylaq al-Rahman (Qatar-sponsored) could go free:

Source: Checkpoint Asia

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