Ratnik Combat Gear Enters Service in Russian Army

The cutting edge combat system is comprised of more than 40 items

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The modernization of the Russian military seems to be chugging right along. According to TASS, Ratnik combat systems are being delivered to the Russian army as we type these words:

The Ratnik combat gear has entered service and the delivery to the army has begun, Director General of Russia’s Central Research Institute for Precision Machine Building (part of the Rostec Corporation) Dmitry Semizorov said on the sidelines of the Army-2017 International Military-Technical Forum being held in the Moscow region.

"Today, the Ratnik combat gear has entered service, the delivery to the army is underway," he said.

According to Semizorov, all the issues that users may possibly face are immediately dealt with.

The Ratnik combat gear is a modular system consisting of ten subsystems, which can be modified depending on a combat situation, weather conditions and other factors.

The Ratnik system comprises more than 40 items, particularly small arms, helmets, body armor, communications means and GLONASS navigation equipment. The combat gear is promoted as an outfit for the "soldier of the future."

And here's an excellent video about the Ratnik system made by our friends at South Front:


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