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The Rank Hypocrisy of The UK's Media Regulator

Evidence of RT's bias: failure to toe the pro-NATO line

So, the British communications regulator Ofcom, is threatening RT with fines, or in the worst case, a  revocation of its license, for its supposed lack of “impartiality”.

Be right back, have to go laugh my head off.

Okay, let’s get to it.

According to the Guardian, Ofcom has flagged four separate reports from March this year, all dealing with the situation in Ukraine.

From the Guardian:

Ofcom said it recognised that RT, which is funded by the Russian government and launched a UK version last month, would “want to present the news from a Russian perspective”.

But it said all news must be presented with “due impartiality … in particular, when reporting on matters of major political controversy”.

Note the “funded by the Russian government” bit. Because we all know the BBC is a charity organisation that just about ticks along on kind donations from admiring viewers, right?

This after an earlier reference to the “Kremlin-backed” channel.

Later the piece even refers to RT as “a key weapon” in Vladimir Putin’s efforts to “expand Russia’s soft power”.

It’s ironic that the Guardian is publishing a piece on ‘lack of impartiality’ and succumbing to its own massive bias in the same breath.

But to return to the point.

Am I unaware of a change in the definition of “impartiality”?

Because if Ofcom thinks Sky News, or the BBC (GOVERNMENT FUNDED!!!!) or CNN etc. are “impartial” in their coverage of the Ukraine crisis, they seriously need to root out a good dictionary.

What’s really going on here, and it’s perfectly plain to see, is that Ofcom has a problem with the fact that RT has refused to preface every one of its reports about the Ukraine crisis and MH17 with: “Putin did it with his bare hands!”

What we can conclude from all this, is that in the UK, “impartiality” now means “toeing the NATO line”.

Meanwhile, as I wrote on Twitter, the German Foreign Ministry has said that the “media interpretation” of its report on the downing of MH17 was “incomplete” (you don’t say!) and “arbitrarily taken out of context”.

But don’t expect to be seeing much about that in the news.


RT’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan, responded to Ofcom by saying that other broadcasters under UK jurisdiction (that is, Sky, BBC etc.) do not always reflect the viewpoint of governments (i.e. Russia) perceived as politically opposed to European and/or US political establishments.

“We look forward to Ofcom applying today’s ruling impartially to all broadcasters reporting on any government, irrespective of its political leaning.”

Yeah, good luck with that.

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