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Russian 'Opposition' Who Take Money From Abroad Are Traitors

The head of Russia's Chechen Republic says people working against the state, its constitution and territorial integrity must be punished to the fullest extent of the law

My rhetoric with regard to those who are calling for the overthrow of the state system and a change to Russia's territorial borders has not changed. In 2010, in 2011, and in 2012 I called those who hate Russia traitors to the Motherland and enemies of the people. I am sincerely surprised that this has now become news for some people. My statement that those who call for revolution and mass violence must be punished with the full severity of the law has generated panic attacks among the non-parliamentary opposition. That is what I have believed, continue to believe, and will believe - my position is unchanged.

My firm statement applied to those who have left Russia and who from abroad, receiving handouts from the governments of Western countries, are slinging mud at our country and slandering it. This is all clear from the very term I used - the non-parliamentary opposition. Naturally, in this case we are not talking about the opposition which within the framework of Russian legislation, inside the system structured by the state, is trying to find ways of resolving urgent problems in various spheres - health, housing and municipal services, roads, and so forth. We are talking about the people who call themselves the Russian non-parliamentary opposition and who under that title are pursuing their main aim - destroying our country and undermining its constitutional system.

These people who are seeking to foist exclusively Western values onto us I have never regarded as part of our society. Yet, speculating on the world crisis, the Western lackeys are trying to plunge into chaos what was created by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Chechen Republic's first president, Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov. My republic has been bloodied by war. The Chechen people know how many lives were the cost of the peace which now reigns in the republic.

On Friday, a huge meeting in support of Russian unity and President Valdimir Putin was held in Grozny

The so-called non-parliamentary opposition has become so shameless that it uses the federal media to promote its ideas for destroying the Russian state. [Gazprom-owned, editorially independent Russian radio station] Ekho Moskvy, [Russian Internet broadcaster] Dozhd and [Russian business TV channel] RBK and others are happy to broadcast their false, hypocritical statements pervaded with a deep hatred of Russia.

And some representatives of the Russian authorities are flirting with this pack of jackals, perceiving as a threat any rebuke levelled against them and any call to obey Russian legislation. And now let the General Prosecutor's Office check their statements in support of those who call for violence.

Those who are calling for dialogue with the jackals who dream of destroying our state may not wash themselves clean of the stench of a cowardly cur. As a patriot and foot soldier of Russian President Vladimir Putin, I will never play along with the murderers and traitors to my country. There is scarcely a single rational and self-respecting man who will conduct dialogue with those who see it as immoral to love their Motherland and to serve it devotedly.

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Mass rally in Grozny in support of Russian unity

We have a village called Braguny where there is a very good psychiatric hospital. The raging reaction from the non-parliamentary opposition and those who sympathize with it can be assessed as mass psychosis. I can help them cope with this clinical problem and I promise we will not spare the injections. Where one injection has been prescribed, we may give two.

Who gave a handful of odious liberals the right to call themselves the Russian intelligentsia? They lay claim to the title of the nation's conscience, but they gather around themselves people who hate everything Russian, reflecting the West. In the liberals' opinion, their ideas are beyond dispute and there can be no other convictions, and if they hear criticism, they go into the attack with threats and insults.

The country is discredited not by those who defend and preserve its identity, its history, and its sovereignty, but by those who are guarding the rights of a very narrow circle of people. A section of the Russian human rights community forgets that their functions include defending the rights of ordinary Russians, not of a handful of traitors whom they themselves have elevated to a privileged class.

The policy of these fighters for injustice is anti-people and represents their own personal interests. While levelling groundless criticism at everyone and everything, while using foul language and slavering, they think that we will keep silent. And when they receive a tough response with mass support, they run howling to their protectors with their jackals' tails between their legs. If those dogs have their own defenders in our country, the Russian people's chief protector is our country's president, Vladimir Putin, and I am prepared to fulfil his order, however difficult.

As morally fallen people who have sold their souls to the Western devils, they behave as they please not only in the West but also in the country they despise, where they feel they are immune to punishment and untouchable. And if there is any attempt to call them to be answerable to the law, they start wailing about harassment.

But in the Western countries they love so much, calling for the violation of territorial integrity and the state's destruction is criminally punishable. And mass violations of human rights are taking place in Europe. But for the opposition, its liking of these countries is unshakable. Your hatred for Russia is mutual.

By acting toughly, consistently, and within the system, within the strict framework of the law, we will not allow the half-witted riff-raff who set themselves against Russia to get in our way. And the authorities' position on this issue must be consolidated, especially as it accords with the interests of the country and of its population.

By not sparing the enemy, we shall preserve Russia.

Source: Izvestia
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