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Quo Vadis, NATO? A New Drang Nach Osten?

It seems this yearning or drive towards the East has never stopped

It is obvious that the results of the actions of Russian forces in Syria has finally borne fruit. This fruit was not the one dreamed of, apparently. But has there been any reason to expect friendly relationships with the Western partners?

This is just how it goes today. The West desperately wants to drag Russia into a new arms race in order to push it to an economic breakdown in the manner of USSR. That is why NATO lords are yearning to place as many arms as possible directly on Russia's borders. At the same time, they are absolutely confident they will not violate this border, not at all. However, it has been quite different in Syria – no shipment comes from the NATO-rowdies without the mark “Made in USA”.

The new supreme commander of NATO in Europe, General Curtis Scaparrotti, has even exeeded his predecessor, Philip Breedlove, in inflaming war hysteria, stating that “NATO needs to be ready to 'fight tonight' against Russia”. He sees Russia as one of the main menaces threatening the alliance, and there is nobody to examine his statement with a critical eye.

Because he is definitely going to continue the politics of his predecessor, he simply has to best the latter in everything, and it is the Baltic states bordering Russia that give him strength in his strive. It is well known that Baltic military commanders wake up at night with cold sweats knowing that “the Russians are coming!” That is why now they desperately yearn to reflect the consistently growing Russian threat, let alone the fact that those constant maneuvers led by their Western colleagues have to bear fruit eventually. The Balts have had a lot of practice and are now ready to learn the drill.

The fact of stationing American battalions on Russia's borders is, of course, quite unpleasant for them. It is also unpleasant when it is you who is always seen as the aggressor, and if people are pretending that only such measures as some batallions can hold back the aforementioned aggression. Totally disrespectful and useless.

And that is probably the reason why Russian defense minister Shoigu announced on April 4 that two new divisions are to be stationed in the western area, where the Balts usually do their training, and a third one at Rostov-on-Don; it will not take more than 14 days to build the quarters. There, a traditional division structure, proven through years, is going to be built up from existing brigades (ca. 10,000 men, 3 MSR, 1 PR, 1 AR, 1 FlaSFLR equipped with the most modern equipment available). And the Russians are going to be pleased to carry out maneuvers in the reknown Russian scale. Whoever wants to take part may join them, and whoever does not has to draw their own conclusions.

Why are they building their bastions over there? I have seen this myself for quite a long time. To hold back Russian troops? Definitely not with something like this.

Due to shortage of translation staff we’ve made a translation of the remaining part of the article via Google Translate. We apologize for the inconvenience.

A similar situation also exists in terms of Air Force. Yes, a couple of F-22 is an important contribution to the defense capability of the Balts. And they can fly to their depreciation. Later they will make monuments from them.

So, once again, the key questions: Why? Why this rush? Why this Russia-bashing? Why the hysteria in the German press? RT (Dr. Ritz) gives the following answer: Because of the ideological weakness of today's West. From year to year is becoming more and more clear, that today's western world is in a profound spiritual and cultural crisis, that continues to deepen, because it is completely aimless. The charisma of the Western system is on the wane. Its promises no longer bear and his beliefs are increasingly questioned. One could also say, that the West faces a crisis in its ideology.

“This ideological crisis of the West has many causes. The most important reason is that the Western world has developed a false image of themselves and therefore also a misconception of their relationships with other cultures. This undesirable development rose because the US and its allies had entrusted their foreign policy strategy for the period after 1989 only to a very small group of people in the 1990s. This was of no importance in view of the exuberance of their victory over the Soviet Union.

It has been mainly academics, employed in so-called Think-Tanks, who mostly had a similar scientific and social background. Most of them had already begun their careers during the Cold War and therefore deeply internalized the Western positions in the confrontation within the system. As it were academics, not intellectuals, they weren’t able to give any fundamental account of the basic categories of their thinking. And they are going to pay for it today.

Because the public even less than independent intellectuals, was involved in drawing up such facts, wishful thinking crept into the concept of the 'Grand Strategy 12' after 1989. The uplifting belief in the absolute dominance of the West became their leitmotif. Added to this was the need to promote their own careers. Only things corresponding the spirit of the times and useful to their own career planning were published.

Thus, at the starting point of this new Cold War we are experiencing today, there is a – to put it mildly – not very realistic basic idea: namely, that it would be possible to westernize the whole world with its many, often millennia-old cultures. This idea is actually too unrealistic to be the starting point of a major foreign policy strategy. And yet in the past 25 years exactly this has happened”. – Dr. Hauke ​​Ritz

Nonetheless, one must remember, that the battalion of the American bullies is not the worst, that can happen in Suomi. And if actions against Russia were to be carried out, then it is not going to be a joke. You know how far Saint Pete is away from the Russian-Finnish border – therefore, one has to calculate the money, place the “Iskander” regiment (preferably two) and direct them exactly to the peaceful Finnish territory, where NATO experts and their brothers in spirit are stationed.

I have, if I am to be honest, nailed the Balts to the cross already a long time ago. However, Swedes and Finns are strongly advised to think about themselves and their future – go for a walk on a beautiful day, enjoy the fresh air, breathe. Then come back to the Russian side and do there likewise.

And then, on the next day, think soberly about whether all of this is necessary.

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