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Qatar Crisis Reflects Feuds in Washington and Declining US Global Influence

"The American century is rapidly coming to an end. Terrorists are biting their masters’ hands and the vassals are rebelling."

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We believe the Qatari crisis is far more troubling than is widely realized, and could be the first stumble into a major regional war.

US intervention and bungling in the Middle East, including a flat-out abdication of national sovereignty by slavishly following Israeli directives, is leading to a collapse of its previous hegemony in the region.

<figcaption>Hooray, we're going to war! (Click to enlarge)</figcaption>
Hooray, we're going to war! (Click to enlarge)

The Qataris might just buckle under to Saudi demands, but if they don't, look for an accelerated crack-up of US global hegemony, which is already in tatters.

Federico Pieraccini over at Strategic Culture Foundation, has an excellent in-depth article discussing this.  Another great analysis of the crisis comes from Phil Giraldi at Unz Review yesterday.

Here are some of Pieraccini's salient conclusions:

... the situation in Washington has deteriorated to such an extent that even Washington's historic allies are fighting each other.

Iran, Russia and China, assisting Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya, have created the necessary conditions to end Middle-Eastern destabilization, even prompting an internal crisis in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The bet that Riyadh, Tel Aviv and Washington embarked on with the aggression against Doha could prove to be an unforgivable strategic error, even leading to the end of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the weakening of the anti-Iran coalition in the region.

If Qatar should decide to resist Saudi pressure, which is only possible with the covert support of Russia, China and Iran, it is likely that the Syrian war has its days numbered. This is not to mention the fact that such an outcome would provide Turkey with an even easier path to transition into the Eurasian alliance.

Should Doha decide to oppose the demands of Riyadh (their economic capacity is certainly not lacking), it will be up to Russia, Iran and China to decide whether to risk supporting Qatar against Saudi Arabia in order to stabilize the region.


Even in Syria, the terrorist groups funded by the monarchies and Turkey are fighting each other, reflecting the divisions and tensions within the Gulf. It is only a matter of time before the conflicts between various organizations extends to other places in Syria, leading to the collapse of the opposition groups.

In light of these developments, it appears that Iran and Syria have proposed to Qatar that they switch from supporting terrorism and instead cooperate in the reconstruction of Syria with Chinese and Iranian partners.

The American century is rapidly coming to an end. Terrorists are biting their masters’ hands and the vassals are rebelling.

The unipolar world order that defers to the United States is rapidly disappearing, and the consequences are being felt in many areas of the world.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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