Putin's Secret Armies Are Hiding Behind You! (Video)

If you can’t see them, try looking harder!

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Don’t see any sign of Putin’s secret armies of battle groups laying low as cells right in the heart of Europe and highly trained in Russian spetsnaz martial arts as western media has reliably reported? No, don’t see them? Not a sign?

Well that’s just about the surest sign that they’re there!

Putin’s KGB, remember. This is precisely the sort of thing they do. And the fact that you can’t see them only speaks to their mastery of effective camouflage concealment, able to silently blend into the population around them, so that your colleague, your friend, your mother-in-law - even you could be one of them!

But the important thing is to keep calm and not panic. By educating yourself, by knowing of their existence, you empower yourself to be ready psychologically to resist them when the time comes.

Watch the video to begin the process.

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