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Big Surprise - Survey Shows Putin Retaining Support of a Huge Majority

Vladimir Putin would receive 86% of the vote if the next presidential election were held today

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The results of surveys and research shows that the majority of Russians support the leader of the country, Vladimir Putin, and are ready to vote for him in the presidential elections. According to the Civil Society Development Foundation (CSDF), ‘Putin’s majority’ in Russia has the potential for further extension and influence on society. The head of the foundation, Konstantin Kostin, told Izvestia that CSDF continues the study of ‘Putin’s majority’ that they began a year ago, since it is an important factor in the current political situation. 

“Today we can state that our prognoses of last-year have been confirmed: ‘Putin’s majority’ is very stable, the ratings of the President are still high and his supporters are members of  all the parliamentary and most remarkably the non-parliamentary parties,” said Kostin. According to him, such steady presidential ratings remaining high for a long time are a very rare phenomenon in politics. 

“The next Duma will be pro-Putin.”

According to the survey conducted by the All-Russia Public Opinion Research Center at the request of the CSDF this spring, today 82% citizens support Putin’s policy and 84% would vote for him at the presidential elections. 

76% of the Communist Party supporters endorse the policies of the leader and 79% would vote for him at the elections. 69% of members of the Liberal Democratic Party endorse Putin’s policies and 76% could see themselves voting for him. 

According to the survey by CSDF, the gender composition of the president’s supporters corresponds to the male and female population of Russia – 83% women endorse Putin’s policy and 85% admit the possibility of voting for him at the elections, corresponding to 81% and 82% among men. 

The statistical data show that the president’s supporters are present among all age groups and are distributed quite evenly across all types of populated places of the country. In cities with a million-plus population 79% support the president’s policies. 

The head of research projects, Mikhail Mamonov told Izvestia that the data presented at the CSDF round-table discussion “Putin’s majority’: structure, dynamics, political preferences” , reflect a consensus regarding the president’s personality. According to the expert, today we can say that ‘Putin’s majority’ is a really existing phenomenon. 

“Today’s data was first registered over three years ago, as a result of the Crimean Spring, when endorsement increased significantly. The fact that these results are stable is essential”, he said.  “The reason is probably that Putin met society’s expectations in a series of areas, first of all the country’s sovereignty, an independent foreign policy and development.”

Source: Izvestia
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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