Putin's 'Personal Army' Conducts First-Ever Combat Readiness Drills

Western spin inbound

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We're sure Voice of America and CNBC will have fun with this one. 

Basically the same thing as the U.S. National Guard
Basically the same thing as the U.S. National Guard

Russia's National Guard (known by trusted western media outlets as "Putin's personal army") has conducted its first snap combat readiness inspection. 

We're refreshing NPR.org every 10 seconds in anxious anticipation for their report about how Putin's Praetorian Guard is preparing to annex Poland.

Anyway, here are the details, via TASS:

The Federal National Guard Troops Service, also known as the National Guard of Russia, has initiated a snap combat readiness check, the Guard’s press office reported on Monday.

"By decision of the Russian National Guard Troops Commander-in-Chief Army General Viktor Zolotov, a snap combat readiness check is being held from March 13. This inspection, which will start in the Central Federal District and will continue in other federal districts, is being held for the first time since the new federal executive body was established," the press office reported.

Some of the Russian Guard’s governing authorities, military units and formations have been put on alert and started conducting missions.

During the inspection, the National Guard troops "will practice their readiness to combat subversive activity and reconnaissance groups, terrorist and extremist formations, and will also carry out a set of measures to strengthen the defense of crucial state facilities in the areas of power supplies, industry and transport," the press office emphasized.

The National Guard troops were formed to carry out joint operations with police to safeguard public order, ensure public security, maintain states of emergency, take part in the war on terror and provide a legal regime for counter-terrorism operations. Additionally, the National Guard also participates in the struggle against extremism and in Russia’s territorial defense.

The National Guard is subordinate to the Russian president.


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