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Putin Wishes World Happiness — Another Devious Russian Plot?

Putin is now meddling with America's booming antidepressant drug industry. Simply outrageous.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

With the sky about to fall in due to Trump's withdrawal from the Paris accord (the exit process won't take full effect until 2020), Putin took the opportunity to tell the world at SPIEF '17,"don't worry, be happy" during a question and answer session conducted by America's favorite effervescent cupcake, Megyn Kelly, now with NBC, in case you hadn't heard:

Putin said he understood Trump's decision to review U.S. climate obligations and work to renegotiate a better agreement. As for the media backlash? "It seems to me no one should be creating noise about it" but instead working toward the future, said Putin. He added that the exit process won't take full effect till 2020, so "don't worry, be happy".

<figcaption>A dark day</figcaption>
A dark day

Greetings and salutations sent with kind sentiments and common sense are difficult to comprehend by a world gone nuts, so Putin threw in some humor: "We should be grateful to President Trump. In Moscow it’s raining and cold and even, some snow. We can now blame this all on American imperialism, that it’s all their fault. But we won’t".

"How's everybody doing? You hanging in there?" Kelly asked the audience, evidently ready to crawl to the nearest Safe Space. (Bad news, Megyn: You're in Russia.)

With a smattering of applause to Kelly's mental heath check she then cross-examined Putin on how European leaders were responding to President Trump's move:

"Well I am not amongst the European leaders. At least, the European leaders do not consider me to be among them," Putin replied, drawing laughter from the room.

But then Putin got serious and provided some much-needed adult analysis on the matter:

I would refrain from judging President Trump right now because it was President Obama who made the decision, so maybe the new president believes it was not well-conceived, maybe he thinks there are not enough resources.

He added that "this situation needs to be thoroughly assessed, if we are all constructive in what we do, there are things that we can agree on."

Constructive cooperation with nations that regularly compare Putin to Hitler? At least the SPIEF '17 attendees were able to entertain the notion. 

And now the world holds its collective breath for Kelly's upcoming one-on-one interview with Russia's president, or as the Los Angeles Times describes him, "the controversial leader".

Kelly announced:

“So we just got word this morning that President Putin has agreed to sit with yours truly for a one-on-one interview at the conclusion of tomorrow’s forum and I’ll get the chance to ask him directly about these allegations of meddling and the prospect of our two countries working together, and beyond. So, that oughta be fun," she said on NBC's "Today" show on Thursday.

Please...spare us O' Lord!

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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