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Putin: Russian-Made ISIS Barbeque Has Increased Demand For Russian Weapons

Putin has weaponized weapons by weaponizing Russian weapons exports

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Many ignorant people believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin has only weaponized Europe's migrant crisis and giant killer squids. They are dangerously misinformed. 

Anyone familiar with our humble website knows that we keep a running tally of all the various things that Putin has weaponized over the years. 


Now we can add another heinous crime to Putin's list of weaponized atrocities: weapons. Yes, things are beginning to fold in on themselves like a M. C. Escher horror-scape. 

Speaking with Russian officials on Wednesday, Putin announced that Russia had retained its ranking as the world's second-largest weapons exporter. Exports in the sphere of military-technical cooperation in 2016 exceeded $15 billion, according to figures cited by Putin. 

He added that Russia's military-technical cooperation exports portfolio remained at $50 billion, and Russian military products were in steady demand and purchased by 52 countries.

"As of the end of last year, Russia confidently holds the second place in the world in terms of military exports. Last year they exceeded $15 billion. I will recall that the figure stood at $14.5 billion in 2015," Putin said at a meeting of the military-technical cooperation commission.

He also noted that the "effectiveness" of Russian weapons in Syria has played a large role in promoting Russian arms exports. 

Yes, Putin has weaponized weapons by weaponizing Russian weapons exports. Say that ten times fast and we will email you 10 rubles. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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